Comparing 3 Share Sites for Use in the Visual Arts Studio




Technology Required

Tablet, Phone, or Computer

Tablet, Phone, or Computer

Tablet, Phone, or Computer

Who is the art shared with?

Globally, once parent creates account

Select group of people (teachers, parents, others invited)

Globally, mostly other students.

Is parent permission required?

For public posting-yes

For in class viewing- no

Parents must be invited to their student's account.

No, there is not parent permission required.

How are students identified?

First name with a number code

No last name is visible

Code name is provided for users, no location is listed either.

What is the price?

Free (plus you earn $)

Paid and a Free Version


Can others comment on the work?

Yes, parents approve any comments before they are posted

Yes, only the people who have been invited to the account.

Yes, comments can be monitored by teacher if so desired.

Can teachers view work/provide feedback before posting publicly?

Yes, teachers can approve or send back work and leave feedback

Yes, teachers can comment on student work. settings can allow teacher approval before posting

Yes, settings can be on or off for teacher moderation.

What is needed in order to view the students’ artwork?

The artwork is featured on the website for public, but can also be searched.

Parents and teachers need the Seesaw app.

The artwork is featured on the site for public, but can also be searched.

How much teacher work is required?

Upload a roster, teach students how to publish using Classroom Mode, or teacher publishes in Teacher Mode (youngest students), publish as often as you wish

Free Version:

Upload roster and...

Paid Version:

Invite parents, and manage approval settings. Then train students how to share their work.

Send Creatubbles your roster (they make accounts for you). Create teacher management preferences. Train students how to publish and comment on others work.

What kind of images can be shared?

Still shots of 2D and 3D art, plus written artist statements

Still shots, anything on camera roll, and recording/video.

Still shots of artwork only.

Unique features

Families create fan clubs, products can be purchased featuring student art, your art program receives % of profits, great assessment tool

Classroom blogs can be created in Seesaw and you can privately share your blog with other classrooms around the world.

Students are sharing and commenting on other students work.  Artwork can be ‘bubbled’ or liked. It’s globally social.