Computing Y3 S5 project TA - Yacht  

I can use Lego WeDo to create and control a simulated physical system (Yacht).

To be successful you will need to follow instructions and build a yacht. You will also need to create a sequence to control the motor, display messages and change the background. You will use repeats, variables, inputs, outputs, waits and sensing.

Steps to Success


I understand control sequences.

What happens when C is pressed.    Tick the right one.

Sets the display to 0, then adds 1 if the sensor is tilted then stops with the display at 1. ⃞

Sets the display to 0, then keeps counting up by 1 every time  the sensor is tilted. ⃞

I understand how to use WeDo motor control

Tick the block that controls how long the motor stays on for.

I understand computing language.

Is the block with 5 underneath fixed or variable?  ______________

What does 5 in the block do?

Writes the number 5 on the screen. ⃞

Changes the type of background selected. ⃞

I can debug

Why won't the motor ever start?

                              I am not using a motor control block. ⃞


                               I haven’t set the time for it to run. ⃞

DO Assessment: