Lehi High School Community Council Minutes Draft 2016-2017

September 7, 2016

October 12, 2016

November 2, 2016

January 4, 2017

February 1, 2017

March 1, 2017

April 13, 2017

September 7, 2016

Lehi High School SCC Agenda

Attendance: Sam, Sari, Janel, Karen, DeAnn, Wendy, Erin, Nicole, Angie, Jason, David, Ben, John H., Laurie, Cole, Susan, Matt, Jeremy

Excused: Carrie, Deneall, Chris Watson, Paige                                                   


Discussion about Elections: bylaws state that we can have 2 representatives per feeder school, we are slightly over that.  Do we want to make a motion to change the by law so that we don’t have to vote 1 person off?  Sam motioned to change the bylaws, seconded by Nicole, all in favor. We try to have representation from every feeder school.  

Main responsibility of SCC members is to vote on the Land Trust Funding, other purpose is to act as an advisory committee.  Anyone is welcome to attend, but public comment is to be kept to members unless others have asked for permission to speak before the meeting.  If we need data or have questions please ask before the meeting so that the information can be gathered.

Elections: SCC Chairman should be a parent, vice chair can be either, it has typically been a faculty member. Secretary can be either.  There is a training that has to be attended by the chairman.  Chair is responsible to set the agenda and make sure that the notes get to Sam and get posted on the school website within 7 days of the meeting.  Vice Chair runs the meeting if the Chairman can’t.  Secretary takes minutes and gets them to Sam to be put on the school website.

Nominations for president: nominated - DeAnn Kettenring, by Dave, Wendy Seconds;  All in favor

Vice Chair - Janel nominates Jason Flinders, Ben seconds, all in favor

Secretary - DeAnn nominated Erin Shepherd, by Susan seconds, all in favor

Approval of proposed meeting schedule:  We will not meet the first Wednesday of October because Mr. Mower has a principal meeting or the first week of April because of Spring break.  Every other meeting will be the first Wednesday of every month at noon.  Motioned by DeAnn, Wendy seconds, all in favor.

Agenda Items: Approval of last meetings minutes: DeAnn motions, Wendy Seconds, all in favor

Principal Mower/Karen Ashman: Review the purpose of the SCC; We will decide as a committee what areas we need to improve on. It used to be that the SCC and LAND Trust plans were different, but now they align better. We can now support more than one are with the Trustlands plan.  This is a chance to see what issues are affecting the school and how to make a difference.  

Principal Mower: Review the School Improvement and LAND Trust plans for 2016-2017: Mr. Mower put a lot of detail in the SIP so that we can use it for the Trustlands Plan also.  Last year we focused on 4 different areas.  AP classes have generally done really well.  See attached SIP for 2016-2017 goals.

Mr. Hanks - Math support classes - there are 2 math lab classes for Secondary 1, Secondary 2 has 4 of those classes, it is an extra period to get help and ask questions, Resource is set up to have 2 teachers per class or to pull kids out and have an enrichment class to get daily help.  

Mr. Mower - Have hired heavy in science classes so class sizes are smaller, might hire an aide to help struggling students.  Have changed SAGE so that 11th graders are now exempt because they take the ACT, we will mainly be getting data from the 10th grade class. Will be a much smaller number of students this year.  We will try to produce data so that we can see improvement in these areas.  We are typically looking at 3 plans - looking at last year, monitoring this years , and formulating next year.  Goals that we set have to be measurable.

SAGE has not been done away with, that will not happen until January when the legislature meets.  Probably won't let it go until another test is ready to go.  

Angie: Where can we find information about what is going on with SAGE testing.  People are worried about what SAGE might be causing teachers to teach, public perception was that it was a Federal test, when it was really a Utah test.  SAGE lost a lot of momentum, because it couldn't be attached to grades so kids wouldn't try because they knew it wouldn't affect their grade.  Career Day for Seniors and ACT testing day for Juniors will be on the same day now.

Karen Ashman:  SCC Timeline: Plan will be Discussed in October, report will be approved in November; January approve the SIP and talk possible Trustlands plan; February do draft of Trustlands plan; March approve Trustlands plan; April Final edit of Trustlands plan; May review 2016-17 plan.

Assistant Principal Abrams: Great things that have happened at Lehi High

ACT - great improvement, second in district as far as improvement

Skills USA took 30 people to nationals in Kentucky, one of best showings we’ve had; several Seniors received medals

FBLA - went to San Diego, several students got medals

Sports - Football team is 2-1

Soccer - struggling

Volleyball - 2-0

Tennis team is young

Boys golf

Cross Country - one boy took first at meet on Saturday

Marching Band coming up next week

Discussion about suggested topics from SCC members:  Encourage kids to take the ACT prep courses offered by the high school.  3 weeks taught by a teacher, different subject offered each week.  

Next year they are moving to a 6A category; the numbers are based on just the Junior and Senior class sizes. This might keep us at a 5A school.

Required videos - please watch on your own prior to next meeting; They are no longer required, but helpful to watch if you are new.

Parent teacher conferences next week, take the time to go and thank the teachers even if your children are doing well.  

Important to support the events at the school as SCC members.

Homecoming: Sports marketing is trying to get as many alumni as possible to the game.  They would like former football players to run out on the field at the beginning of the game.  Cheerleaders would be with cheerleaders for the first few minutes.  They want to paint the windows of the businesses with Lehi.

Schedule for Homecoming week:

Monday - homecoming pageant

Tuesday - Homecoming assembly during day

Wedneday - parent teacher conference; painting windows on business downtown

Thursday - Powder Puff flag football at rodeo grounds

Friday - Football Game, tailgating at 5:30

Saturday - Dance, they can invite students from other schools , but they have to get a guest pass before the day of the dance.  

Calendar items:

Next meeting, Wednesday, October 12, noon


October 12, 2016

Lehi High School Community Council

Wednesday, noon

LHS Conference Room

Welcome:  DeAnn Kettenring

Attendance: David, Sam, Scott, Nicole, DeAnn, Ben, Janelle, Matt, Chris Watson, Aaron, Erin, John H., Jeremy, Phil, Lori W., Josh Ferrin,

Excused: Jason, Carrie, Susan, Wendy

Agenda Items:

Approval of minutes: Sam motion, Jeremy second, all approve

Change of date of April SCC Meeting from April 12 to March 29: Nicole motion, Janelle second, all approve

Jess Christiansen presentation on the Bond; Lehi’s rebuild will take about 2 years to complete, it will include a new gymnasium, auditorium, and library,

Security updates will be installed in all schools starting with the High School and then card access to elementary schools and then Middle Schools.  The 3 schools listed don’t have a front office and need to be retrofitted for a front office.  51% of those who vote in November have to vote for the bond in order for it to pass.  There is a bond on the ballot for Lehi City also. That one will have a monthly tax increase, but there will be no tax increase with the Alpine School district bond.  Bond money is like a mortgage.  This is different from capital money, we collect 30 million a year in capital to cover costs.  Money taken away to build new school has reduced the money available to do repairs on existing schools.

Videos and flyers are available online to share on social media

Principal Mower:  Basic Data Review/Requests for Data: See Attached Sheet; very low pass rate in Secondary 1 math, many of them are Special Ed students.  There are

some students who do well in the class but don’t do well on the test.  They have to get through Secondary 3 to graduate.  State philosophy is to move them on even if they get all F’s, but schools like to see them retake it one year.  Secondary 2 is the one where they lose a lot of kids.  Secondary 3 is required unless a parent signs a waiver to opt out of Secondary 3.  Teachers can not count any results from SAGE test on students grade, so a lot of kids now don’t take the test seriously.  11th graders don’t have to take SAGE this year, it is on it’s way out.  Look at data from last years test scores and if there is a suggestion or concern email Mr. Mower with questions or suggestions. We will use this data to form the SIP. Secondary 1 is a difficult to get movement in.  If you take the SAGE test for a class once you do not take it again even if you retake the class.  

Very few seniors will take the SAGE test this year, it will mostly be sophomores this year.  

What is the PSAT?  It is a practice SAT, only a few kids have signed up to take it.

Josh - As administration what tests do you use for data?  Mr. Mower - the ACT is a test that the kids takes seriously and the tests that teachers give.  The standardized tests aren’t always the most accurate assessment.  Teachers are trying to identify essential standards that kids need to know, even if they have a poor grade in the class, and make sure that they know these.  Attendance is a big factor, almost 100% of kids who will attend class will graduate with those essential standards. Most who don’t graduate are kids who don’t attend.  

Principal Mower: Final report of School Improvement and LAND Trust Plans for 2015-2016; School Improvement Plan Ideas for 2016-17. See attachment for the Final Report Info for 2015-16

Reading class - great success with the kids who will take the class, problem is getting the kids to take the elective class.  Didn’t continue it this year because didn't have enough kids involved for the money it cost of the class.  Graduation, should be close to the 92% again.  There are 480 Seniors this year.  A lot of kids who don’t graduate just “disappear” they leave the school but don’t enroll in another school that Lehi can find.  Lehi has to account for where they are going or else they are still on their numbers.  ASD has an adult center and Eastshore to help kids who have left the school but still want to graduate.  GED program still counted as a dropout and not a graduation.  

We will receive between $60-$70,000 this year, we did zero out our money from last year.

Next meeting we will solidify where we want to focus our plan and money.  

Ben Abrams: Great Things that have happened at Lehi High

Homecoming - painted Windows and flags on Main Street; Student Council is doing a big push on social media

Mr. Taylor - took several students and walked to Orem in honor of 9/11

Band - 3rd place and second place and Color Guard 1st place in recent competitions

Drama department - Shakespeare did very well, overall came away in second place

Athletic Update

Ryan Raff and Anna Martin qualified for state in Cross Country, State October 19 in Sugar House

Tennis had huge improvements, despite record it was a fun, good season.  There were no returning girls on the team, they had all just started this year.  

Volleyball, did well at beginning

Football could still tie for for second

Girls soccer had rough season

Winter sports tryouts November 7th

Aaron Barth and Matt Peterson:  Essential Standards and Teacher Training: Trying to get back to “what are the essential standards” with the teachers, teachers look at the core and decide.  Trying to get away from the “Walk Away” mentality and more into an information that is essential for them to know.  How is collaboration with the split? Mr. Barth - it is different going from huge departments to small departments.  We want teachers to say with a certainty that when students leave the class they absolutely know the essentials despite the grade.  Sam - the school feels “fresher” and opportunity to shake off the dust and start new things.  School feels much more relaxed and very positive this year.  

John Hanke: Accreditation: School has to be accredited every 5 years.  Teachers are doing a self evaluation, they are divided into focus groups and giving feedback on 5 different areas. We will need community to be involved to give their feedback.  We will have parents and students on January 11 give their perspective on the teacher’s self evaluations.  Hoping to get 15-20 parents that represent different interest groups.  Also revisiting the mission statement, want more of a focus on student learning.  Having teachers discuss revising the mission statement.  

Discussion about suggested topics from SCC members: What is situation with the drill advisor, Advisor resigned.  New person was hired yesterday - Katie

Jeremy - 70,000 families in Utah County without adequate food, Tabitha’s Pantry has contacted school and asked for students to be involved in helping donate food.  

DeAnn - trying to get more parents involved in Lehi and what's going on here.  We

need to try to get more parents involved - encourage parents to get kids to come and be involved in the school.  

Calendar Items:

Next meeting, Wednesday, November 2, noon




November 2, 2016

Lehi High School Community Council

Wednesday, noon

LHS Conference Room

Welcome:  DeAnn Kettenring

Attendance: David, Nicole, DeAnn, Ben, Janelle, Erin, John H., Phil, Lori W., Josh Ferrin, Stacey, Carrie, Wendy, Paige, Susan

Excused: Jason, Aaron

Agenda Items:

Approval of minutes: Nicole motion, Phil second all approve

Principal Mower:  School Improvement Plan Ideas for 2016-17; Stakeholders Report

Secondary math 2 and English 10 are the most failed classes. Every year we have measured these through SAGE testing, now that it's that going out it will be harder to measure.  We can pick a couple of subjects to measure - our Trustlands plan can support all of these but the SIP needs to be more specific.  To measure, we could ask teachers to go and find 3-4 essential standards that students need to know and have them test on just those areas measure the kids knowledge.  We could just test 10th grades with the SAGE test.  We could also use grades, we could say for example 25% fewer kids will get D’s. DeAnn- could we use ACT tests? Mr. Mower - we could but it would be just juniors and it is specific to certain areas and not specific to classes.  Wendy - Can we use both formative questions and grades? Mr. Mower - In SIP we want to use just one measure, but we could still monitor both.  Do we need something that monitors us out of the school?  Mr. Mower - If we look at research, formative assessments are some of the best ways to monitor progress. One thing that gets in the way of achievement is too many standards. For the SIP we need to pick the area of most need.

Propose to make the goal in Math where the teachers make 3-4 standards that are essential for kids to know and measure them on that.  Kids would just have 5-6 questions that are actual tasks and the goal would be for 80% of students to pass those specific questions. These questions would be the same with all teachers. Our teachers do coordinate with teachers from other schools. We would be able as a SCC to see the questions and the results.  The SIP would specify math related subjects, this would include physics and Chemistry.  Mr. Mower will have this written up for the next meeting so that the wording can be approved.

Principal Mower/DeAnn Kettenring: Constitutional Amendment B - Land Trust Funds; ASD Bond

Amendment B is on the ballot, it is proposing to change the constitutional working so that the funding would actually increase to include all income that comes from federal lands not just the dividends and interest.  This will increase the amount all the schools would get.

Help get the word out about the bond from the Alpine School District, you can get a sign from “Friends of Alpine”

DeAnn Kettenring: ASD SCC Training Update; SCC Responsibilities; Digital Curriculum - Parent Information Meeting, 11/3, 6:30pm, Eli Jr. High (Jay McFarland)

DeAnn went to the training last week, read the website with the duties - mostly as a SCC we are to create the SIP plans and allocate the money. They gave a lot of information on how to find data and statistics. They talked about AP classes, many parents are worried that Lehi does not offer as many AP and Concurrent enrollment classes so people are transferring to Skyridge to get more.  Mr. Mower printed out all of the AP and Concurrent enrollment classes offered this year versus last year, there is very little difference (See the attachment).  There are some conflicts with AP classes, but some kids can go to Skyridge for the period to take a class that might conflict.  We will try to coordinate with Skyridge to make classes offered at different times. There is no AP Music right now, but hoping to do that in the future.  There will be conflicts with classes because we are a smaller school and can't fill multiple classes, but kids have the options to go to another school for a class.  Would it be easier for the teacher to come from another school to teach 1 class?  Maybe, but it is hard because most teachers have full schedules at their schools.  We were in the top 10 last year with AP classes offered but did have to make some changes with fewer students.

Meeting tonight with the Digital Curriculum with Jay McFarland on Internet safety.  Very good last year, will be answering questions that people have submitted online.

John Hanks: Mission Statement - Did come up with a new mission statement, used influential teachers and got them together to come up with the statement.  They used this quote to shape the mission statement: “the purpose of schooling is to help all students learn - to ensure that in every grade, every course, and every unit on instruction, all students acquire the intended knowledge, skills, and dispositions deemed most essential to their success.  Assuming your current mission pays homage to “learning for all,’ it is perfectly serviceable.  Do not waste another minute writing a mission statement, but instead begin the hard work of aligning all the practices, policies, and procedures of your school with that mission.” (from - Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work).  We wanted to focus on educated which is something that is done to a student, wanted it to be more inclusive of the child's participation.  Wanted it to reflect the community involvement and support of the school.  Had a great discussion that broke into 3 sections - Inspiring, community pioneers, and higher levels of learning.  Discussed what these words means to them.  There is a great sense of pride in the school and it’s place in the community.  Now trying to work so that practices, policies, and procedures of our school align with that mission.”

New Statement- “Inspiring a strong community of Pioneers to higher levels of learning”

Josh - How will this change policies and procedures? John- There is a shift from presenting an education, in which you might receive it or not, to “let’s work together,” and “I as a teacher am here to help you be engaged in the learning process.”  Mr. Mower - kids need skills to do something after high school, whether that is vocational school, college, or a skill, their ability to live a satisfying life increases significantly.  We want to get them to the point that they have all the essential standards to move on after high school.  We want our mission statement to reflect that. Janelle - example of a resource student who really wants to go to college, and has asked to be in regular English so that he can be ready for college.  The Teachers are finding ways to support him in accomplishing this goal he has.  

A shift in how students are learning, different methods between a passive receiver and a more active student.  Could teachers ask students what they want to learn and what their interests are?  Mr. Mower - once all the essential standards are learned then students can create a project that implements what they have learned.  Level of learning also goes up when they bring in professionals for students to present their projects and learning to.

Accreditation - will need a group of parents to rate the self evaluation that the teachers have done.  Teachers won’t be presenting, the parents will just read through these and give their feedback.  It is good to get feedback from outside the school.  January 11th at noon for about 1-2 hours.  We hope to get 15-20 parents with a good cross section of who represents the school.

Ben Abrams: Athletic Update/Good News

Ryan Raff took 4th in State Cross Country meet, Anna Martin 31st as a Freshman

Football game at 5:00 on Friday at Bingham

Volleyball won their play in game against Riverton, they will play on Friday at 9:00 and noon at UVU their will be a bus that leaves at 8:00, $5 for bus ride, $5 for ticket.  If they buy a ticket they will be excused from class.

Debate team will compete this week

Band and Color Guard second in State, took first at BYU Competition

New Drill Coach, good feedback

November 7th, winter sports tryouts

Wendy - great year, great feeling at the school.  It has been a very positive year.  

John H. - Now have 6 minutes to change classes instead of 5.  Students approached administration and they were able to fix it.  More access to administration this year.  There is a student advisory board that has a rep from every 3rd period, they have a meeting every month that meets with the student council and administration to express concerns.

Upcoming Events:

        November 7 - Basketball Tryouts

        November 11 - Sadie Hawkins Dance

        November 17-25  - Little Mermaid, Buy tickets - it is assigned seating this year

        November 23-25 - Thanksgiving Break

December 23 - January 2 - Christmas Break

Next meeting Wednesday january 4th, noon

See attachment of AP classes on next page


January 4, 2017

Lehi High School Community Council

Wednesday, Noon

LHS Conference Room

Welcome:  DeAnn Kettenring

Attendance: David Mower, DeAnn Kettenring, Ben Abrams, Janelle Tucket, Erin Shepherd, Phil, Lauri Wilcox, Josh Ferrin, Stacey, Wendy Rencher, Susan Peterson, Carrie Peterson, Danelle Wentzel, Matt Peterson, Aaron Barth, Jason Flinders

Excused: Paige Albrecht

Agenda Items:

Approval of minutes: Wendy motion to approve, Susan second all approve

Principal Mower:  Approval of School Improvement Plan - (see attached plan); We have been asking teachers to identify essential standards that all students need to know and to track those.  It is almost impossible to track all state standards, so with teachers identifying 3-4 things that students can’t do without it is more measurable.  Will give summer collaboration and team time for teachers to work together on these standards.  Teachers do sometimes team with other schools.  They will then develop an assessment to evaluate the essential standards.  A portion of the question on the assessment will be “Essential” that every students needs to know.  Once it has been identified which students don’t know these standards they can work one by one with them.  Secondary Math will be the main focus.  These assessments will begin next year.  DeAnn - some of the grading in Math seems subjective.  Mr. Mower - we will talk to Mr. Hanks.  Hopefully the essential standards will also show which steps in math problems are important.  Secondary 2 is the most failed course, having 80% pass it on their first effort to teach it is a lofty goal. Josh - How many total kids in Secondary 2?  Aaron - about ⅓ of school population, not sure how many fail it.  Stacey - Why aren't kids taking advantage of the helps that are available to them.  David - There are math packets available for kids that can be assigned to the Guided Studies Class that they take every other day for an hour and 20 minutes.  There is also a website that is done by the teachers that has every math teacher’s notes.  You can get to this by going to the LHS website.  Danelle - What about Flip classes - watch the instruction at home as homework and then they do the homework in class.  David - Don’t believe there is anyone doing this this year.  Josh - How does the math faculty feel about the essential standards?  David - not a lot of feedback yet, they are on board with the essential standards, but know that 80% is a lofty goal.  Next step is how do we assess these standards.  Hoping that standards will be set before fall.  Stacey - Is there a way to collaborate at the lower level of Math so that it can move up.  David - yes, there is a push to establish this throughout the district.  It happens well within the school but it is difficult to collaborate with other schools like the middle school.

Josh move to approve SIP, Carrie seconds - all approve

David - Trying to find out the exact amount of money available to us, don’t have an exact number yet.  See attachment for proposed spending of funds.  We will be trying to specifically help math.  A math aide would be available for students to go and get help, the attendance aide, guided studies aide is the class where they go to take any class that they have failed.  School areas of focus - Initial Instruction; communication; and graduation rates.  These advocates and aides help with the math effort and also these 3 areas of focus.  DeAnn - is there a way to include sciences in this?  Could we give money for the science teachers to set up a website like the math teachers have with all of the notes they took and the process they took to do it.  Josh - Could classes be recorded?  David - some teachers like recording, some don’t.  Kids can record during class, but some teachers don’t let phones in the rooms.  Some teachers are making the phones be out on desks so that they can see them.  Stacey - how do we encourage teachers to keep websites updated?  Danelle - could an aide or advocate help with updating website?  Wendy - is the problem the instruction not the homework?  David - almost every time instruction is partly to blame.  Sometimes a different teacher can help explain differently to a student in a way that they would understand.  Right now, essential standards might be different at different schools, but over time within the district those standards will probably be more aligned.  Susan - in past years we have paid for teachers to go and get training to help them with teaching.  Every department in the school is working on essential standards within their departments, but they are not collaborating between departments.  Our Chemistry department is working with another chemistry team from another school, Physics is working with 2 other schools to come up with their essential standards.  1 Monday a month the physics teachers meet together.  Our teachers are not always strong throughout the entire curriculum, but they are meeting with teachers who are to help them know how to teach these portions.  

DeAnn - 8 Secondary 2 teachers, a couple of them are half time.  Could we move it down to 6 teachers for math and add a couple of science teachers?

David -  SCC is paying for the math aide right now and the attendance aide.  Just because we don't do the aides with the land trust money doesn’t mean we can’t have them.

There are 6 sections of guided studies that are being used, the math labs are being used.  The advocates work very hard and attendance aides to get graduation rates to where they are.  Seniors are a focus of these advocates to get them to graduate, but the advocates work with all grades. Trying to connect the credit recovery for graduation with knowing the essentials.  

DeAnn - maybe leave it at 8 teachers and maybe with other grants could fund science teachers.  

David - Can put in the plan for the administration to help the science department, it just might go a little slower.  A Full time attendance aide works 29 hours.

Susan - Can their be a push to encourage learning until the end of school instead of at the beginning of May.  

John Hanks: Accreditation Update - Parent Focus Group next Wednesday at 11:00- 1:00, the purpose is to see what parents and students think about the self evaluations that the teachers have completed.  On March 15th anyone is welcome to come and be here when the a creditors come.  Did get enough surveys completed by parents.  

Aaron Barth:  School areas of Focus. 1.) Initial Instruction - making sure it is reaching students 2.) Communication - responding to parent’s emails, getting out good news with Pioneer Praise cards 3.) Making sure they don’t just have the credits but that they know the essential standards.  Getting them through the graduation door is essential for their life.  We are almost to the point that we can say that if you show up, attend, and give an effort we will give you the tools you need to move on.  

Danelle - can we tell how much parent involvement there is?  

David - I don’t know how it can be quantitated, most of the help is with extra curricular activities.  We want kids to kind of be advocates for themselves.  

Matt Peterson:  PLC/Essential Standards - Trying to take where we’ve been and identifying what they need to know with what is nice to know.  Have done it with every team in the school, some teams are already implementing it and some are still defining them.  We want it to change so that if a student comes to a teacher and asks what they can do to pass a class instead of worksheets, the teacher would say - show me that you know these essential standards.  

Susan - How do you decide what the essentials are?

Matt - “If a student doesn’t know this they won’t be able to succeed next year.” Can they survive after their education with this knowledge.  Surprisingly, it really was a doable process, even with the math department.  These essential standards are district wide, even in the library.  

Danelle - what about the counsellors?

David - even counsellors are involved in identifying standards.  

Ben Abrams:  Great things happening at Lehi High

Alpine School district Art competition - 6 participated, 3 got honorable mention

National Honor Society raised over $1500 for Shelbie Luce

Sterling Scholars - this is very service focused with academics

Student Council - made about 700 food packets, 125 sack lunches for Road House

Jason Flinders:  Athletic Update

Region competition starts this week for boys and girls basketball

Wrestling won the Stansbury Stampede and swimming is having good success.  

Tryouts for Spring sports are February 27th

Football alignments for next year - we fell into the 4A, but football community wanted to be 5A and East High School wanted to be 6A we applied to be 5A and it was granted.  Other sports will be 4A.  Football is a north Salt Lake league, 4A is more of a southern Utah County

Girls Basketball Fees - Recognize that fees are high compared to other school.  The Coach hired quality coaches, which took a lot of the money, there are 5 coaches - 3 for varsity and 2 for the sophomore team.  Trying to make up for some discrepancies in past years.  Have asked for 1 revision on the fees and are asking for 1 more.  

(See bottom for attachments of SIP 2017-2018 and the Trustlands Funding 2017-2018)


February 1, 2017

Lehi High School Community Council

Wednesday, noon

LHS Conference Center

Welcome: DeAnn Kettenring

Attendance: DeAnn, David, Staci, Chris, Phil, Nicole, Carrie, Sam, Janelle, Ben, Jason, John Hanks, Cole, Matt, Erin

Visiting: Leah

Excused: Wendy Rencher, Susan Peterson, Josh Baron

Agenda Items;

Approval of Minutes: Sam Approve, Carrie Second, all approve

Jason's Flinders: Athletic Update

Today is National Signing day for 8 Seniors. Having a signing party at 1:30

Boys Basketball third in region right now, should make playoffs for first time in many years

February 27th Spring tryouts, that is when all the paperwork is due

Swim - Regionals last week, 1 relay beat school record by 3 seconds, state is next week

Drill - did well at at Region despite the smaller numbers

2 Academic all state athletes

LHS Math and Science Departments: Mia Clark and Mrs. Wood: Presented EDpuzzle.com, every student makes an account at the beginning of the year, they have videos they are required to watch with questions that go with each video. Purpose is to give them something to review at home.  Goal is to see material 3 times - once in class, then a video recap - 5 minutes long on Edpuzzle, then answer questions, and then their homework. They can view the videos as many times as they want.  Teachers can see which kids are looking at it.  All quizzes are online, this is how colleges are doing it.  Edpuzzle is on top of the assigned homework.  In class assignment due at the end of each period.  3 times - in class, edpuzzle, and then homework.  This frees up time for teachers because they are not having to reteach material in the first 15 minutes.  You can find the link to EDpuzzle on top of the website that the math department has. Each teacher uses the same PowerPoint to teach their classes.  John Hanks - Could this be set up over a summer or is it easier to get it done while you are teaching? Mrs. Wood - It could be done in the summer as long as you have your lesson plans.  Is the website new each year?  It has had to be redone each year because of changes that keep happening with the curriculum, but the goal would be to keep them the same.  

Which has been most helpful, the notes or EDpuzzle?  Notes for parents

Mr. Mower to Leah - Would this be doable in the Science department?  Leah - have been working with Skyridge, they are making videos of the entire class, but maybe could combine that with something like this to make shorter videos. Could do it over the summer with paid development days.

Principal Mower: Vote to Approve School Improvement Plan

Nicole motion to approve, Stacey motion to second, all in favor

Principal Mower: Present Trust Land Plan draft: Hard to know exactly how much money we will have this year with school split and the new legislation. We are at $127,394, this might decrease or increase (see attached page with detailed proposal).

Graduation rate on track to be 95% this year. What advocates do: they know the students better than the administration and are tracking who is failing and help them get on track for graduation.

Do we want to hire a part time teacher for English to lessen the class size to reduce the time teachers have to spend grading papers or try to get classes smaller in Science?

Items at the end are things that can be added if the funding is more than expected.

Mr. Mower would love input between now and next meeting.  Could go with a teacher or someone to grade papers, some schools have had someone hired to be an external grader to make the grading more uniform within the department.  DeAnn - important to give teachers time to get together and collaborate more.  Which would the teachers prefer, another teacher or a grader? How much would class sizes shrink?  Is it worth a new teacher? Consistent grading could be a big help to the English department as a whole.  Mr. Mower - We will go forward looking at moving in the direction or a grading assistant.  

Carrie - Why are CCNR’s after registration day for Juniors? Mr. Mower - Counselors meet after kids have signed up for classes for CCNRs because they have found that it is better to adjust their schedules after they have signed up for classes because they found students would not sign up for the classes discussed during CCNRs. Is there a better way to let parents know about CCNR’s, could there be a phone call?  Mr. Hanks - there is a phone call that goes out, maybe should use different terminology than CCNR’s so that parents know what the meeting is about.  Alos maybe could be put higher on the newsletter so that more parents will see it.

Principal Mower:  School growth; Explanation of projected FTE (Full time employee) & comprehensive FTE’s

We are at 45 FTE’s this year, next year the district projects us going down 18 students. Timpanogas has has comprehensive FTE’s, schools are always funded up to 1450 students even if they are smaller, but they only funded us for 1340 this year.  We should be getting federal funding for 1450 students even if our student population is smaller.  We would like this funding to hire good interns for full time positions.  We are using interns this year because we are behind on funding.  DeAnn - good for us to advocate at the district for teacher funding.  The intent of the comprehensive FTE’s is to allow smaller schools to offer the same programs as bigger schools.  It won’t take us long to get back into the “bigger school size”.

DeAnn Kettenring: 2017 Legislative Session: talk of increasing sales tax to fund education.  This money would go to the district office and then is allocated. Needs to be a balance between spending and saving.  The district wants to keep a good credit rating, a certain percentage of budget has to go to savings, but hard when schools need the money for teachers and improvements.

Ben Abrams: Great things happening at Lehi High

DECA:  Peyton Munson and Maddy Christensen competed at Regionals on Jans. 20th in hospitality and won 1st place! DECA will be attending State competition on February 23-24 at the Davis Convention Center.  We are hoping to take 12 students.

FCCLA:  FCCLA region is coming up on February 10th at BYU.  We need a few more judges if anyone is available.  We are taking 28 students to compete. State in on March 28-29.  We need 6 more judges on March 29th from 8-2.  We hope to take all 28 students.

Veronica Thompson had 2 artworks accepted into the Springville Museum of Art and Julianna Lee had one artwork accepted into the Springville Museum of Art, Al State High School Art Show

Sports Medicine team has 2 new BYU interns.  4 high school kids are receiving class credits for internships in the training room.

Janice Bentley is in the process of getting the information for our school National Athletic Trainers Association Safe School Award.



March 1, 2017

Lehi High School Community Council

Wednesday at Noon,

LHS Conference Room

Welcome: DeAnn Kettenring

Attendance: Janelle, DeAnn, Nicole, Josh, Jason, Jeremy, Stacey, Susan, Wendy, Laurie, Sam, Ben, John, Erin,

Excuse: David Mower, Carrie Peterson

Approval of minutes: Sam approve, Nichole second, all approve

John Hanks: Financial review - total funds $127,392

See attached LAND trust plan 2017-2018 -

1st goal - funds would pay for a guided studies aide in math and an advocate for math and science (this would be a 4th advocate).  Teachers are going to change how they do math lab next year - planning to have math essentials class. It will be helpful to have all the essential standards defined, this will be the core curriculum for that class.  They will be looking at what topics are necessary to move on to math 3, there will be a lab associated with it but they are hoping not to have as many students in the lab.  Whichever teacher has the flexibility in their schedule will teach the class, most of the kids in the class will be Juniors who struggled in Secondary 2.  Don’t want this class to be an easy out math class - they want teacher approval for kids who have really struggled so they can limit the students in there for kids who really need the class.  Planning on having 3 sections with 20-25 per class.  Built into the arena scheduling so that only those kids who have been recommended can sign up for the class.  If a student is coming in from 9th grade and they really struggled in math 1 they can be put in this class.

2nd goal is improving Science, especially Physics and Chemistry.  Wanted to give the teachers 4 days in the summer to get a website up and running and time during the year to keep it updated.  Trying to find a Chemistry Intern to come, Administration has contacted all the colleges and can’t find one.  

3rd Goal - to maintain graduation rate- will continue with 3 advocates.  Feel like there is a good program in place to track students credits and want to continue that.  

Haven’t talked about the structure of the advocates for next year - the way it is worded it looks like 5 aides, but it is supposed to be 4.  This might be a mistake - Mr. Mower will have to clarify.  Plan does say 5 advocates, do we need 5 advocates?  Would it be better to have an aide for a lab?  Ben- aren’t getting a Science lab yet.  Will need to clarify with Mr. Mower what his vision is for 5 advocates.  

DeAnn- what about English - we talked about getting a grader for English, but the teachers said they would prefer to have another teacher and smaller classes than a grader.  

John - Do we want to say that we would rather take the money to pay for another aide instead of 5 advocates.  Aide could be for math, science or English.  Students have responded well when there is an aide roaming in the class.  Couldn't have an aide in every class, but maybe the math essentials class where there are kids who are struggling.  Those classes are already small, do they need an aide?  Would it be better in the regular classes that are larger?  This would be a good question for the math teachers to decide and ask them if it would be a benefit and which class they would need it in.  Josh - Secondary math 2 is the focus of the 1st goal, so maybe the aide should go there to see if we really can make the difference in the class that we want to see change in.  John will get follow-up from the teachers to see where they feel it would be the best fit.

Nicole - what about English?  If we put the aid toward math, what about Science and English?  Need more money to hire aides for all subjects.  There will be 2 physics teachers next year, they will be collaborating closer next year with the Physics team from Lone Peak.

How many students are we talking about if we say that the Science failing rate will drop be 25%?  We are losing Ms. Gines next year, so we are looking for an intern to teach 1 year for her.  Ms. Gines teaches concurrent enrollment Chemistry, LHS got permission to do the concurrent the year she is gone.  The Chemistry program has been big because students have liked the teachers.  Physics is getting bigger.  Chemistry is getting smaller.  Students can’t do a school to school change if we offer a class here at Lehi.  Hoping to get an FTE and money from a 5th advocate to have more money to pay for more aides. 

Failure rate for Chemistry 4.23% for first term.  To improve it by 25% how many more students do we need to pass? We need to lower it from 11 kids to 8 kids.  Is it worth putting that much of our resources for that many kids?  We want to improve Science and without the SAGE test to show improvement failure rate is one way to quantify improvement.  Is there a different way to quantify and track that might reach more students?  We are hoping that by giving money to improve websites it will cause more collaboration, which experience shows helps more than conferences.  Would it be beneficial to have a Science “coach?”  This would be hard for teachers.  Administration tries to get in classes and give feedback. Really hard to get good Chemistry teachers, Chemists can make more money outside of teaching.  Hard to get a chemistry teacher to come to Lehi.  We want teachers to collaborate and get better but it is just slow, without SAGE it is hard to see accountability.  Monday we are doing incentive reviews in which parents can come.  For Science we could say that they will not get the extra money unless they collaborate with another school.  Would it be better to have the 2nd goal for Science would be  similar to the 1st goal - 80% will demonstrate mastery on essential standards.  Consensus is that we’d rather see more mastery on Standards than on the failing rate going up.  Need to make department more accountable and show how students did on essential standards so we can see where a teacher might be weak.  What is different about this system than the one that is in place right now. Sam- This system makes teachers evaluate what they have been teaching, this happens naturally in a collaboration format.  This is the difference from before and what is trying to be implemented now - they would kind of do their classes how they wanted to.  If the essential standards are being done effectively it is a better way than the SAGE test.  DeAnn - what percent of students do we want to see improve?  80% is a good number, right now 96% are passing, how do we make sure they are passing the essentials?  This is still a little new in the High Schools, still trying to work out the kinks.  Some schools don’t have D’s, either you get a C or you fail the class.  This is a mindset change for teachers from “what do I need to do to pass” to “what do I need to know to pass?” If a student knows the material but is a horrible test taker is there a different way to assess them?  this would be difficult for teachers with the number of students you have.  

DeAnn - will need to vote next time, will need to decide if we need to put the extra money in math and Science and also want to change the Science goal for the 2nd goal.  Our science department needs a strong department to learn from, not sure how to incentivize them.  Teachers want the money, but will they really work together is a different question.  Will send out the amended goals through email so we can see and discuss it before the next meeting.

John Hanks - LHS Accreditation - looking forward to the Accreditation committee coming and getting their feedback.  March 15 - 3:00-3:30 need people to come and give honest feedback, would like a good number of people. If there is time we would like to present the results to the SCC in a meeting or at least email.

Ben - Good Things:

Debate tournament - overall 3rd place in region, state meet is in a week here at Lehi

CT programs went and visited Willow Creek, did sports marketing, and different demonstrations to get kids excited at Willow Creek

DECA - did really well at State

FCCLA - Region Star event, had 3 golds and several silvers

Lehi won the shoe drive contest with Skyridge

Sports - Basketball went to state for the first time in 6 years

Wrestling - 2 boys took 3rd at state

Spring sports tryouts started

Baseball ranked high in preseason polls

Monday departments are presenting for their collaboration - parents are not required but welcome.  It is at 10:00 on Monday.  

Lehi SCC Land Trust plan 2018.jpg

Lehi SCC Land Trust 2018 2.jpg

April 13, 2017

Lehi High School Community Council

Wednesday, Noon

LHS Conference Room

Attending: David Mower, DeAnn Kettenring, Ben Abrams, John Hanks, Nicole Revill, Cole Cooper, Jeremy Albrecht, Josh Barron, Wendy Rencher, Sam Bryan, Janel Tuckett, Erin Shepherd

Welcome:  DeAnn Kettenring

Excuse:  Carrie, Susan, Jason, Matt

Agenda Items:

Approval of minutes from last meeting:

Principal Mower: Trust Land Plan Approval / Final Recommendations:  (See attached amended LAND Trust Plan 2017-2018)

We are hoping by November that all departments will have their essential standards so that by the end of the year we can reach the goal of 80% passing those essential standards.  

Goal number 2: If the item has a number 1 by it it is something that will be done over the summer, if there is a number 2 it applies to the goal of 80% passing.  We have still not hired a chemistry teacher, still battling for the amount of FTE’s available.  The current master schedule is reflecting 2-3 teachers, we are hoping with the FTE’s to get full time teachers instead of part time.  We can attract more qualified teachers if we can hire for full time positions.  Whoever in administration is over the Science department next year will have to check up on the department and make sure they are focusing on the essential standards and passing 80%.

Goal 3 - we hope the graduation rate will be good this year.  Right now it is looking good.

If there is extra money and we want to add a Language Arts goal we could focus on English 10, it is the second most failed class.  We could make the same goal of 80%, we could fund half an aide to help grade papers.  

See attached sheet with breakdown

The summer collaboration money for Science would be for the Science department to develop a website.  DeAnn - Will you use mastery connect? Ben - right now only 16% of teachers use it, so the school has decided to just buy a license for the teachers who use it.  The teachers who rarely use it will just use Canva

Instead.  CTE mostly uses mastery connect.  To use mastery connect takes a lot of work on the front end, as we switch to the essential standards it will not take as much work.  

If we get more funding we could add a 4th lab.  Suggested that some money could be used to help the counseling department, especially with college prep and scholarship searches. Also asked if CCR’s are the most effective way to do college prep.  Next year there will be another full time counselor, so maybe the counselors will have more time.  Mr. Mower will talk to the counseling department and see what would be the most beneficial to them. Wondered if there could be more emphasis put on college prep with the sophomores.  

Discussion on FTE’s - Mr. Mower - this year had to cover a shortage, used the”fund balance” to do this.  Should be out of the woods but need the funding to normalize the class sizes. FTE’s are used to hire extra aides at schools, up to the schools how they use the money and who they hire.  The FTE money will start to level out, the district is not predicting the High School to grow much.  

Approval of LAND Trust Plan- Wendy motion to approve, Nicole second, all approve.

John Hanks - update on the accreditation: It was almost a month ago, the accreditors visited almost every class for 20 minutes and they visited with parents and students.  We do not have the final report but they mentioned a few things.  The strengths they saw were the positive feel since ths school split, felt the direction of the school was good, it was more personal and th leadership of the school was doing well.  Some areas of focus they saw were using data to determine what interventions students need (we are trying to do this with essential standards), they saw the need to train teachers on how to gather data, compile it and use it.  The accreditors have no connection to the school or the district.

DeAnn Kettenring:  Next year’s SCC Council - asked who is planning on staying for next year, all members there are planning on staying.  The bylaws have not changed so we can still have several more members if more people want to join.

Ben Abrams: Great things happening at Lehi High

FCCLA - won 11 golds, 15 silvers and 5 first place finishes, these will go on to Nationals

Skills - 5 first place finishers - also will go to Nationals

2 girls chosen to go to Girls State

Drama won first in Region

Still need sponsors with money donations for Grad night.

Jason Flinders:  Athletic Update

Discussion about suggested topics from SCC members: none

Decided that we would not meet in May since the LAND Trust was voted on and approved: Josh motioned, Wendy second, all approve



April 24-29th:  Drama Production of Footloose

May 3 - SCC Meeting

May 3 - Mr. Lehi

May 6 - MORP

May 25 - Graduation, 12:30 pm

*See attachments below