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Workshop 4: Developing our Reflective and Critical Thinking
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Time Frame

Learning Experience


15 mins


Jedi Cats is funny, awesome and totally shareable! I want to tweet it, Facebook it, download and remix it!


Continuum - students choose a space on the continuum to stand

What’s the big deal about the contents of a video on YouTube?

Students will watch the Youtube Digital Curriculum video about it’s Copyright policies. This video brings the ideas of sharing content via YouTube illegally to the fore.


Have you ever used a video or it’s content without permission?

Students consider why it may be important to consider their actions when on Youtube. Padlet wall, positives and negatives of sharing content illegally. 

15 mins

Digital Health Check

How are we going with our citizenship online?

Students complete a SWOT Analysis for their term online. What are their strengths and opportunities for further online use?

What are their weaknesses and the threats to their freedom to use our open Wifi environment?

Students use a Copy of this Google Doc, to share their answers and ideas with their coaches and parents.

Coaches may want to revisit their Digital Pledges to see whether they need to be adjusted.