Tuesday 10th November 2015

Firework night


On Saturday my family and I went to Spring Bank School to watch the fireworks. I heard the fireworks crashing in the sky. I saw beautiful sparkling glittery colours in the sky. The amazing fireworks were exploding into the sky. The booming crushing fireworks exploded in the night sky. They were as sparkly as a diamond. It was a beautiful sight of colours in the sky. I saw a firework go up into the sky. It went POP! My jaw dropped open. My eyes were wide as a plate. I gasped when it went up into the night sky. When the firework went up I thought it was a grenade but it wasn’t. Next there were fireworks dashing in the sky. The amazing bright colours filled the black night sky with beautiful sparkly pretty colours. There were heaps of bright fireworks like curls, straight ones and fireworks that split up. It was so cool that it was like 500 dollars falling into my hands. There were rainbow colours in the air. My mum was talking to someone well we were watching the fireworks.