15+ Wonder Woman Lessons!

Below you’ll find a collection of links to some of the most amazing lessons involving Wonder Woman available today!

Great teachers who know how to engage kids created these. I’ve just pulled them together for you!

Denis Sheeran - Author: Instant Relevance, Using Today’s Experiences to Teach Tomorrow’s Lessons

a3a966252f7ed5368383ccd5cbb35f71ca3a613f3667775468d26a819298d635.gif  Comic Lessons  a3a966252f7ed5368383ccd5cbb35f71ca3a613f3667775468d26a819298d635.gif

Create a Chain Comic

Creating an Art History Comic

Creating a Chemical Element Superhero

Play Like A Pirate Wonder Woman Lesson Plans, by Quinn Rollins

The Science of Wonder Woman’s Sword

 giphy (75).gif Social Studies Lessons giphy (75).gif

Create Historically Accurate Superhero Narrative

NY Times Wonder Woman Covers Through History

 tenor (5).gif ELA Lessons tenor (5).gif

Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Superheroines

Comics in the Classroom as an Introduction to Genre Study

Comics in Education!

 giphy (76).gif Other Lessons giphy (76).gif

The Art of the Superhero: Visual Arts

Wonder Woman Activity Pages

Wonder Woman Superhero Science

Wonder Woman Themed Coding Activities

Interactive Wonder City Game

A collection from Teachers Pay Teachers

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