eLearning/WyoTraining FAQ’s:

Q. How do I log in to WyoTraining?

  1. Go to wyotraining.wyo.gov. If you are a State of Wyoming Employee, then you must click the red Google+ button towards the top of the login page. If you are not a State employee, then use the Username and Password fields towards the bottom of the page. See Image.


Q. How do I access courses on WyoTraining?

  1. There are a couple ways. The instructions sent out and the eLearning webpage have direct links to the courses. So click on the link and then, after you login, you will be taken straight to the course. Or, you can go to Wyotraining.wyo.gov, then click on “browse courses,” and then “Statewide Training,” and then find the appropriate training.

Q. How do I enroll in a course?

  1. Follow the instructions above for accessing a course and then use the key that you received from your Agency HR Professional or find your agency on the (Agency Keys) document next to the course you are attempting to enroll in. You can find this course list on the main eLearning page.

Q. How do I navigate through the course?

  1. We have created a video that shows the process: http://youtu.be/t4cXnpEpyLY

Q. The course is required by my supervisor, how do I prove that I took the course?

  1. Every course has a printable or downloadable certificate of completion that will show the date that the course was completed.

Q. How do I turn off all the emails that I keep receiving after the course is complete?

  1. This problem stems from the default setting within a forum being set to “send me email copies of posts…” Thus, every time someone comments or posts, you receive an email. We have created a video to show how to turn this off:  http://youtu.be/TwKw5sVGU08

Q. If I am not a State of Wyoming employee, how do I access courses?

  1. All non State employees will have to be manually added to the system. The employee’s supervisor needs to contact the help desk at ETS to get this done. Either call 777-5000 or email helpdesk@wyo.gov.

Q. How much do the courses cost?

  1. All courses created and/or released by A&I/HRD are FREE. There is NO charge.

Q. Who can take courses on WyoTraining?

  1. Any State of Wyoming employee and some that are associated with the state, such as the military.

Q. I’m a trainer, and I want to create courses. How do I get access to WyoTraining as a course creator?

  1. Please contact ETS to get your account elevated to a course creator. Either call 777-5000 or email helpdesk@wyo.gov.

Q. How do I create a course?

  1. First your account must be elevated to a course creator. See above. Then, you can follow the instructions in this video:  http://youtu.be/cvx4GzFTRiQ