Student Log-in:

Go to -

Username - [Same as Email] Computer Login and graduation year

Password  - [Same as Email] Graduation Year, cvs, lunch number

        Example - Joe Smith   Graduation Year: 2020   Lunch Number: 2345

                username: jsmith20      password: 20cvs2345

                                                                [See exceptions below]

Where to Start

1.        First time typing?

2.        Have some experience?  Take a pre-test by clicking this button on the homepage.

6th and 7th Grade Typing Web Assignment

EVERY Week you will need to log on to and complete 20 minutes of typing.  This means 20 minutes of time actively typing within the lesson - which could take up to 35 minutes or more of sitting in front of the computer.  A weeks period, will be calculated from Saturday until Friday.

You can access Typing Web anywhere you have a computer with internet connection (a computer with a keyboard, such as a desktop or laptop).  Every lesson you do is saved, so you can do 5 minutes one day and 10 minutes the next, until you reach 20 minutes in a weeks period.  

No matter your connectivity to the internet at home, you will be required to complete this.  Ask me for help scheduling this at school if you need.  There is during school (Study Hall), before school, after school, etc.  You can also take time in class, when you have already finished other assignments.

Remember -

 I can't enforce this when you do this as homework, but if you practice this way you will become an expert in no time.  

If I see you in class not following these three rules, I will make you start an entire lesson over again!

Grade Levels Presently Loaded:

9th Grade (2017)  7th Grade (2019)        6th Grade (2020)        5th Grade (2021)        

4th Grade (2022)  3rd Grade (2023)        2nd Grade (2024)

Student Username Exceptions 

(some usernames were taken, thus the following students usernames differ from above rule.  Note: passwords are the same)

Cierra Reynold = cireynolds20        Travis Hogan = trhogan21                Ashton Watson = aswatson21        

Jillina Johnson= jijohnson23        Meredith Wilson= mewilson23        Anthony Hurley= anhurley17

Jillian Phillips= jiphillips17                Mitchell Evans = mievans17        Seth Thomas= sethomas17        

Tyler Allen= tyallen17