Tushu’s Secret Brother

Previously on Future Tushu, Tushu was transported to the year 2072 using an IPad. Tushu was attacked and Tushu’s future self saved Tushu because he killed the villain’s wife. Tushu and Future Tushu had to kill Kush, when they reached each other, the Tushu’s put a bomb on Kush and ran away. There was an evil scientist who saw Kush’s work, he decided to bring Kush alive as a cyborg/human. Kush thought they should take Tushu’s brother, so he will be forced to come here. Then they took Tushu’s brother, they texted Tushu it. Within minutes Tushu came and Kush and the evil scientist drained all the energy from Tushu, so they could defeat him once and for all. Tushu’s future self came and saved Tushu and called the police. The police came and took the scientist and Kush away.

To Be Continued...

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