Agenda for Council Meeting #7

Monday, January 28, 2013

6:00pm, Price Center Forum

I. Call to order [6:17pm]

II. Approval of agenda [6:17pm]

        -addition of Transportation to item V.  

III. General announcements and public comment [6:17pm]

        -send replacement rep information (names and email) to VP Internal

        -first Social Hour is this Friday, February 1st, at the old GSA lounge; quarterly party on

February 7th

-AVP Diversity (Associated Students) reads statement against the deletion of the VP Diversity position

IV. Craft Center Presentation (20 mins with questions) [6:26pm]

        -presented by graduate students who were also students of the craft center


                -40 years at UCSD, originally started as a commuter lounge

                -Ceramicist Ron Carlson: Director, 1976-2011

                -Quarter courses, single day workshops, studio


                -Facility fell into disrepair, structural problems

                -Budget issues, lack of communication between University Centers and Crafts Center

                -Lack of publicity and student involvement, attempts to remedy but unable to be carried

out because of closure

-The Craft Center offered several, diverse classes

-Benefits of the Craft Center: craft, creativity, community, culture, cognitive development, career develepmont

-Petitions 2075 signatures 601 signatures

-Moving Forward

        -Renovate or rebuild the Craft Center

        -Get community and instructors back together on campus

        -make the Craft Center financially self-sustaining

        -Increase student involvement in the Craft Center


V. Transportation [6:49pm]


                -Transportation services digging out from financial crisis

                -Starting July 1st:

                        -Eliminate bus zone

                        -Subsidize MTS pass for all campus-affiliates

                                -$58/quarter starting this summer, $94/quarter by 2015

                        -Convert Arriba, Nobel shuttles to MTS busses

                -Undergrad AS President is pushing for a fee referendum

        -Most of local ridership is students

                -Bus zone:

                        -2.3 million rides last year, 55% on Superloop

                        -85% were students

                        -MTS received ~$3.4 million last year from TS to cover costs


        -GOAL: Raise enough money to buy U-pass for all students

                -If all undergrads pay $40/quarter, 29% return-to-aid: $1.9 million per year (not

including summer)

        -Possible Scenarios

                1. No fee is passed

                        -all students can buy subsidized MTS pass

                        -ridership goes down, service is cut (superloop/city shuttles/150)

                        -Costa Verde/UTC residents start taking the Mesa shuttle?

                2. Undergrads pass fee, grads do not: Grad students can buy subsidized MTS pass,

public pusses serving UCSD potentially underfunded, service gets degraded

-Current Status

        -MTS expressed interest in providing U-pass to students, open to optimizing routes,

providing service according to student needs

        -Underscored that “you get what you pay for”

        -MTS went away promising to come up with rough numbers of what $3 million would


-AS scrambling to draft referendum, send language to UCOP

        -Write language that interacts with GSA referendum?

3. Undergrads, grads pass fees

        -All students get system-wide MTS pass (including trolleys)

        -MTS locks in guaranteed funding, improves bus service around UTC

-AS and GSA councils will most likely run separate referendums

-Student oversight if there is a fee?

-Time is precious in regards to the language of the referendum if trying to put it on the AS election in the springtime.

VI. UCEN Resolution [7:09pm]

        -Amendments (highlights) from Garo (CSE rep):

                -eliminate student/career staffing, focus on maintenance

                -reduce return to aid from 50% to 29% as the suggested standard

                -CPI: every 5 years, UCAB will reexamine to see if CPI is necessary

                -debt repayment for PC West, not for PC East (which the constitution requires)

                -Conditions: PC East will remain open 24 hours at least 4 days a week. Resource

Centers are funded through the chancellor and will not receive any portion of the fee.

ASSA (auxiliary and self-supporting activities) tax will go towards facilities not UCOP.

        -GSA will get at least $20,000 towards programming within the UCEN facilities

        -Look into how the fee would affect in-absentitia students

        -Amendments to the document passed.


        -Additional thought: The creation of new University Centers positions would have to be

approved by UCAB. May have to be amended in the UCAB charter.

VII. Vote judicial bylaws [7:29pm]

        -Only basic grammatical changes have been made to the language.

        -Motion to approve. Seconded.

        -By-laws passed by a majority of council.

VIII. Amendments pt. 1 [7:33pm]

        -Housekeeping amendments, will get rid of the Service Coordinator (the position has not been

filled since the summer). Would go into effect next year.

-Reconciliation Clause (Article IX) will be struck from the proposed amendments.

-Motion to combine amendments 1, 2, 3 as a slate and then to divide each section.

IX. Presentation on proposed amendments  [7:38pm]

        -CR-05 Restructuring

                -Acknowledges commitment to diversity but does strike the by-laws (not the position)

of VP Diversity to be sent to the by-laws committee so that the VP Diversity and the committee and write better by-laws that allow the VP Diversity to carry out his/her duties

-Will delete the position of the service coordinator

-Temporary withdrawal from UCSA for one year, to be revisited in 2014

-Salary totals for GSA elected and appointed officers shall not exceed a combined total of 25% of the GSA budget.

        -VP Diversity emerged in 2008-2009 school year from diversity coordinator as a response to

the loss of a diversity intern (which is now the “campus climate intern”)

-What is the financial status of DPC and what was the rollover of DPC from the previous year?

        -$7000 for UCSA membership, plus added expenses for travel

-Motion to postpone the resolution indefinitely, seconded. Objected by the President.

        -VP External: It is premature to pull out of UCSA in the middle of the year prior to any

lobbying efforts.

-VP Internal: The resolution was written in haste and the conversation would be better

to be had in regards to the language of the governing documents.

-Motion to call to question. The motion is called to question.

-The resolution is postponed indefinitely.

X. Amendment pt. 3 [7:54pm]

        -Motion to modify the date of the election in order to prevent the current three month lag, and

allow for current officers to train incoming officers. Stipends continue until July 1.

        -Motion to approve. Seconded. The amendment passes 37-0-0.

XI. Amendments pt. 2 [8:01pm]

        -Caps the amount that executive officers can assume within the budget to 25% of the GSA



        -VP Internal: believes that amendments involving monetary affairs does not belong in

the constitution.

        -President: Intent was to increase transparency among the GSA officers.

        -CSE rep: This cap should not be in the by-laws since the by-laws can be suspended

when discussing the budget.

-Stipends should be decided on by every year’s council instead of having something

imposed from previous councils.

-Fees that go towards stipends should be kept to a minimum and go towards events and services.

-It might be difficult to convince graduate students to vote to raise their activity fees if in turn, the executive officers raise their own stipends.

-Motion for debate to be limited to one minute per speaker. Passed.

-In order to provide more events, stipends may need to be more flexible to get people to plan them.

-Motion to call by a roll call vote. Motion failed as it did not reach 2/3rds quorum.

        -Motion to strike the service coordinator’s by-laws to delete the position, reducing the

executive board from 13 to 12.

        -Motion to approve. Seconded. Motion passes 30-0-2.

-Removal of the VP Diversity position

        -President: Withdraws the constitutional amendment, but wishes to strike the by-laws

for the position, not the actual position. The by-laws committee and the VP Diversity to

rewrite the by-laws to create more opportunities. By having the by-laws and not having them, the VP Diversity could be up for impeachment.

-Motion to close debate. Seconded.

-Motion to approve. Seconded. Motion to vote by roll call. Motion fails 19-20-0.

-Motion to adjourn. Motion fails.

-Motion to postpone amendments. The author withdraws all further amendments.

XII. Finance Bills [6:20pm]

        -APRF 9 for $1000 towards Bioengineering Day

        -APRF 10 for $300 towards Network event

        -LIF 4 for $550 towards Grad Student Lounge

        -GRF 7 for $775 towards SSPPS Skaggs AS Luau

XIII. Committee Appointments [6:25pm]

        -appointment to SFAC


XIV. Call for items for next meeting [8:39pm]


XV.  Adjourn [8:39pm]

Members in attendance: Chris Ahn, Dan Jacobsen, Cory Stevenson, Jeremy Davis-Turak, Marty Flores, Chris Abdullah, Anna Wakeland, Jackie Ward, Carson Dance, Dan Frost, Brie Iatarola, Roshni Chandrashekar, Garo Bournoutian, Travis Brayak, Sayanan Sivaraman, America Martinez, Jorge Leal, Robert Terrell, Yutaka Ishida, Alexandra Tracy, Anne Therese Frederiksen, Amanda Ritchart, Laura Andersen, Rahul Kapadia, Shuxia Tang, Gregory Wagner, Jonathan Monk, Lindsay Freeman, Ashley Juavinett, Darcy Barron, Jacob Stanley, Alex Mendez, Michael Rivera, Nicole Henniger, Lynn Waterhouse, Danielle Ishihara, Katherine Le, Jennifer Tseng, Rawan Awar, Scott Ouellette, Amy Sutton, Lara Bullock, Mat Jarvis, Emily Elizabeth Goodman, Jordan Gosselin, Ash Arianpour, Jonathan Monk, Don Johnson, Shannon Muir, Scott Guenther, Janki Patel