Barn Party

by Claire O’Brien (Purple)

We are learning to attempt to answer a range of comprehension questions.

Read pages 10 and 11.  How do you think Pig felt after Rooster told him he wasn’t invited to the party?

Pig felt sad he was looking forward to the party.

Why did Rooster change the poster to “By invitation only”?  What does that mean? 

Rooster only likes clean animals at his party. It means you can´t go if you are not invited.

How did the animals teach Rooster a lesson?

The animals sprayed water at him and threw dirt at him and got him dirty.

What was the lesson that the animals taught Rooster?

It isn´t good to let only clean animals go to his party.

Are these statements true or false?

There are three chicken sisters.                                            True/False

Pig got a new ribbon for the party.                                             True/False

Rooster thought pig was the untidiest animal of all.                            True/False

Rooster was afraid of dog.                                                                    True/False

Write the meaning of the following words:

furious (pg 34) - Really really angry.

bonnet (pg 12) - A hat tied under the chin.

untidy (pg 5) - Something really messy.

snooty (pg 30) - Rude.

List 5 compound words from the text below.

Tonight, everyone, around, pigpen haircut