Title I Information

The district assessment schedule is available for all parents to view at the start of each school year.  Parents may request additional information regarding district assessments at any point from their child’s building principal.


Each year the state of Ohio distributes an annual report card with information about progress made in each school district in regards to student achievement, graduation rates, and other important information. This information may be accessed at https://reportcard.education.ohio.gov/district/overview/049957 .

Our instruction and curricular choices all generate from Ohio’s Learning Standards.  Ohio’s Learning Standards may be accessed at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Learning-in-Ohio/OLS-Graphic-Sections/Learning-Standards .

Tuslaw Elementary School is a schoolwide Title 1 buildings.  Title I is one of the nation's oldest and largest federal programs supporting elementary and secondary education.  Title I funds are federal funds provided to schools based upon their percentage of students who are identified as being from low income families.

The designation as a schoolwide Title 1 building is based on a local decision. The schoolwide designation allows for significant flexibility to better serve all students.  All students are Title 1 students, therefore all students can benefit from the funds the district receives via Title 1.  

You can view the video provided to gain even more information about how schoolwide Title works:  https://youtu.be/PAdnBCOIwxE

Our Tuslaw Elementary teachers have created a “Year at a Glance” guide for each grade level for our parents  These documents summarize describe the key items (curriculum) at each grade level and the forms of academic assessment used.  These are parent friendly explanations of the learning that occurs at each grade level.


3rd Grade

1st Grade

4th Grade 

2nd Grade

Our District Parent Involvement Policy can be found at the links that follow:




Additional information pertinent to our Tuslaw Elementary schoolwide Title 1 building can be found by accessing the appropriate link below:



Parent Right to Know

Parent Right to Know

Parent Involvement Policy

Parent Involvement Policy

Parent School Compact

Parent School Compact

Tuslaw Local Schools makes every attempt to provide parents with information in ways they understand it.  If you are a parent with a disability and need assistance in understanding school information, please contact the Special Education Office at 330-837-7807.  

In compliance with Title 1 regulations, the items below are provided as resources to parents.  Parents are always invited to call or visit the schools to continue dialogue with school personnel regarding Title I services.

Tuslaw Local Schools enrolls, educates and does not segregate or stigmatize children on the basis of their status as homeless (McKinney-Vento Act).  Our Homeless Liaison is Mr. Hamm.  Any persons suspecting a child is homeless should notify Mr. Hamm to ensure that homeless children enroll in school and have the opportunity to succeed academically.  Mr. Hamm can be contacted at (330)837-7807.

Our foster care point of contact is Mrs. Marconi.  Mrs. Marconi can be reached at (330)837-7813.

In order to  ensure parental involvement plan leads to academic quality of our schools, the Tuslaw conducts an annual survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.  The survey is posted each Spring on our district website. To receive a hard copy of the survey, you may contact the district office at (330)837-7813.   The results of the survey will be reviewed and used to revise and improve the Title I program and activities for the following year.


Our teachers also provide information regarding ways to assist your child at home on their individual websites.  Please visit http://www.tuslaw.sparcc.org/ and select your child’s school building to navigate to each teacher website.

The Ohio Department of Education has many tools available to help parents understand the content taught at each grade level, to help parents understand state testing and practice with their child for state testing, along with resources for parents to help their children to learn outside of the school day:  http://education.ohio.gov/Parents

Tuslaw Local has also compiled specific resources below in both reading and math: