The digestive system

The digestive system has lots of organs.  It’s like going down a track.  If we didn't have a digestive system our food wouldn't break into small pieces.

:Mouth and oesophagus:

The mouth is the start of the digestive system.  We start with the teeth, The teeth helps digest food by crushing the food we eat into small pieces.  The saliva helps softening the food, with chemicals.  

The oesophagus is a long tube that pushes food down to the stomach.  The oesophagus pushes the food down by a process called peristalsis.  It takes 6 seconds for the food to go down.


The stomach is like a balloon.  When food comes acid takes part in making the food breakdown. The food stays in the stomach for about 3-4 hours and then it goes to the small and large intestine.

:small and large intestine:

After the food has gone through the stomach it enters the small and large intestines.  When the food enters the small intestine it gets swirled because the small intestine is could up.  Atchley the small intestine is longer than the large intestine, and the small intestine is 6 meters long.  And then it goes to the large intestine.  All the food we eat rejected and goes away.  The digestive system is important.

And look after it.

By Sophia