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Standard 3.5                Per.: ______

Exit Slip: Parts of the Brain

1. _____ cerebrum                        A. layer of gray matter covering the hemispheres responsible for conscious movements &                                                     thought processes

2. _____ frontal lobe                        B. largest part of brain divided into 4 lobes & 2 hemispheres

3. _____ parietal lobe                        C. lobe of brain concerned with hearing and memory


4. _____ occipital lobe                D. part of brainstem that acts as a relay station between cerebrum & spinal cord

5. _____ temporal lobe                E. part of the dicencephalon that regulates hunger, sleep, thirst

6. _____ corpus callosum                 F. means “Little brain” responsible for balance & coordination

7. _____ cerebral cortex                G. part of the brainstem that regulates involuntary functions such as breathing, heart rate, body                                              temperature

8. _____ hypothalamus                H. part of the brainstem that organizes and transmits sensory information

9. _____ thalamus                        I. part of the dicencephalon that sensory information for all senses except smell

10. ____ cerebellum                        J. most posterior lobe of brain concerned with vision

11. ____ midbrain                        K. lobe of brain concerned with sensory perception of touch, pressure, temperature and pain

12. ____ pons                                L. most anterior lobe of the brain concerned with reasoning, planning, and problem-solving

13. ____ medulla oblongata                 M. located between the left and right hemispheres to allow them to communicate

Exit Ticket: Anatomy of the Brain

Directions: Label the parts of the brain from the word bank on the diagrams below.

Frontal lobe

Occipital lobe

Parietal lobe

Temporal lobe



Medulla oblongata



Corpus callosum


Gray matter of cerebral cortex

Closure Quadrants

Next, we will be learning about the function of the different parts of the brain. What activities/strategies would be most helpful for you to learn these functions? (check all that apply)

  • Power point
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Stations
  • Gallery Walk
  • Group work
  • Partner work
  • Memory Devices
  • Other: ______________________________

What score do you think you earned on the exit ticket? (1-4) Why do you think you earned this score?

One thing new I learned about the anatomy of the brain that I didn’t know before was…

One question/concern I still have about the anatomy of the brain is…