Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club
Advertising Policy

Board Approved February 24, 2016

  1. The Frederick Steeplechasers Facebook group is primarily intended for the club to share club information and for club members to share information about their running. As such, it is the policy of the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club (FSRC) to limit advertising from service providers, non-local or for-profit races, vendors, or their proxies (collectively referred to as “business” below).

  1. Advertisements from any business will be removed from the Facebook group, without notification to the business. If a business continues advertising, the business will be reminded about this policy, and the advertisements will be removed. In extreme cases, if the business refuses to stop advertising, the business will be removed from the Facebook group.

  1. It is not the intention of this policy to limit posts from members of the club who are happy with a business. It is also sometimes difficult to determine whether such posts are from a happy member or from a proxy. In most cases, such posts will be allowed. However, when it becomes clear that the member is really a proxy or behaving as such, these posts will be removed as described in paragraph 2.

  1. For local running-related businesses who want to be known to FSRC members, a web page under is provided identifying “Friends of Frederick Steeplechasers”. A business can request inclusion under this page by sending email to The request will be reviewed for whether it is appropriate to be included, and the business will be informed of the decision. Note to keep the page from becoming too crowded, each business who will be included must truly be a “friend” of FSRC, i.e., one who is a sponsor, has made donations, provided educational sessions, provided facilities, provided special discounts, etc.

  1. Periodically, the club will make an announcement on the Facebook group, that the “Friends” web page is available for member review.

  1. Some business may decide to give a special discount to FSRC members. When such an offer is made by the business to, this request will be considered, and the announcement may be published by the club on the Facebook group.