Fog Fest Parade Guidelines - 2017


Fog Fest Parade Participants:


Day of Parade:


Your group will have checked in at registration at the Brighton Park on Palmetto Between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM on Saturday September 23, 2017


You will receive parade number and please place it in the upper right hand corner of either your vehicle or banner.


Your group needs to be in its assigned space by 9:30am!  THANK YOU!


On Palmetto near Montecito: Parade Marshals, Political Officials

On Palmetto from Pacific to Clarendon:  Entries with motorized vehicles

On Pacific and Lakeview:  Children, Small Animal and Walking Groups

On Brighton:  All school bands


Please keep all non-parade cars out of these areas, unless they are a resident of this area. ANY cars on these streets are to be escorted by Parade Staging Volunteers to their destination.


Please ask a Parade Staging Volunteer if you have any questions as to where your group is located.  


Maximum of two vehicles per entry.


Parade Information:


                           YOU…..NO GAPS and NO CROWDING


Our #3 Goal:   NO BALLOONS – the Fog Fest is becoming a “Green” event


Parade will start promptly at 10am, as it must be completed by 11am.


To ensure your group is properly announced when passing the South, Center and North stages, place your parade number on the right most front spot of your entry: car window, first walker or banner.  You may use the double-sided tape provided at Registration.  


As the parade starts moving, Parade Staging Volunteers will merge the entries on the side streets with those lined up on Palmetto in numerical order as they approach the starter. The Parade Starter will then send each entry onto the parade route for the beginning announcement at the South Stage at Montecito. Please look for the green flag at the South Stage area to proceed onto the parade route, or if you see a red flag, please stop and do not proceed onto the parade route until it is changed to green. Block Captains will then move the entries along to avoid gaps or to ask a group to slow up a little.  Please follow their instructions.


Please keep a CLEAR SPACE of **about 30 FEET** (approximately three booth spaces) between the entry in front of you and your entry.  If there is more than 30 feet, then CLOSE THAT GAP!!  Crowds lose interest in our parade when there are large gaps and long delays in between entries.


PLEASE DO NOT THROW ANYTHING INTO CROWD FROM YOUR ENTRY. Small items may be HANDED OUT but no throwing.  This is a liability issue for Fog Fest. Thank you!  Please do not stop your vehicle to socialize along the parade route.


People who are the Pooper Scoopers for the animal entries must be clearly identified AND may not leave the Parade route until ALL ANIMAL WASTE is removed from the Parade Route. (The parade route goes through areas where food is served and people walk) Thank you!!


Horses are not allowed in the parade.


At the end of the parade, there will be people helping with dispersal, please follow their directions.


After the Parade:


Please EXIT the parade route promptly once your entry is done. Do not stand on the parade route blocking entries behind you causing the rest of the parade to back up.


ALL school band members should proceed to the field at IBL.


Motorized vehicles should continue up Palmetto Ave. and leave via Palmetto north of the Fog Fest barriers.


Dogs are not allowed at the Pacific Coast Fog Fest after they are in the parade. Please do not walk your dog(s) on Palmetto back to your vehicle. Please take side streets to Francisco or Beach Blvd. to arrive at your vehicle. Thank you!


Thank you for participating in the 2017 “60 Years of Pacifica” Fog Fest parade!   Please enjoy yourself!! Everyone loves a Parade!