Provide a safe outdoor environment for ISB students that use both Primary/Secondary and KG playgrounds with clean and safe play spaces and playground equipment, and to ensure that all playground equipment is checked, maintained, and inspected on a regular basis for compliance with playspace standards for schools in Czech Republic.

Playground Supervision

The students will always be monitored to ensure they are playing in an appropriate and safe manner. Playground supervision is not to be compromised for any reason, and appropriate ratios will be maintained at all times. The supervising staff member must have a functioning phone at all times, in case help is needed. The supervising staff member must be familiar with the routines and rules of the playground. These are communicated to all relevant staff members during orientation week.

Playground Equipment, Maintenance and Repairs

All playground equipment, protective surfacing zones and play spaces will be in compliance with CZ standards. Therefore, a Czech certified playground Inspector must be inspecting all equipment once a year. The School will be responsible to ensure that all repairs are carried out as quickly as possible. After any repairs or renovations an additional inspection must be conducted verifying that all previous safety concerns have been corrected before any use of the playground equipment. All checks and repairs must be documented and kept at school.

Injury Report

The teacher on duty or school nurse will be responsible for recording more serious injuries incurred on the playground in the injury log saved on the drive. The child’s parent / legal guardian will be notified By the nurse or teacher on duty of the injury (within a reasonable timeframe) and the Accident / Injury Report will include as much detail as possible. The school will assume responsibility for monitoring these incidents. Please see also Health and Safety policy for more details about handling injuries and accidents at school.

Primary/Secondary playground rules:

Students get familiar with the outlined rules and routines during the 1st week of the school, most likely the first recess of the school year by the supervising teacher.