Kura Review

Kura has been considered to implement the concentrator code for OpenTRV as it is billed as a platform for just that sort of situations.


Kura is an “open source framework for IoT” that consists of:

Development environment

As Kura is a full framework, it requires a more specific development environment than vanilla Java, in particular it requires:

Why should we use Kura?

Kura provides a well tested framework that provides some of the fundamental low level features that the OpenTRV concentrator would need to support, in particular:

In addition, contributing to an existing platform rather than create a new one would enable the project to have a wider reach and be used beyond the core OpenTRV platform.

Why should we NOT use Kura?

Setup and installation of a development environment is non-trivial so this may limit the number of people who can efficiently contribute. This can be mitigated to a point by having OpenTRV specific “getting started” documents.

Deployment on devices hasn’t been tested so far and may show additional complications.

The number of platforms currently supported by Kura is limited. It is possible to add support for a new platform but how complicated that is hasn’t been verified.

Next steps