Soccer that we love...Or not? SURVEY REPORT

This survey was based on a sample size of 24 SST 2015 SEC 1 pupils. The objective of this survey was to determine if boys like soccer more than girls and also to find out the favourite player of the respondents.

1. Do you like soccer?

Out of the students I surveyed , 14 were male and 14 were female. Out of those 14 females, 4 said that they liked soccer and the remaining 10 said that they did not like soccer. However, out of the 14 males, 7 said that they liked soccer and the remaining 7 of them said that they did not like the said sport.

2. If you had the chance, would you play football professionally?   

The reasons quoted by the students who liked soccer included the teamwork involved and the fun they could have, along with the excitement in the matches. Despite these, only four students are willing to play soccer for a living or professionally.

3.Who is your favorite player?LOLchart.png

        I gave all the respondents a list of players including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as well as an “other” option (Just in case their favourite players are not stated in the list). Lionel Messi seemed to be the favourite of the lot, with 10 respondents naming him as their favourite. In the second place was Cristiano Ronaldo with 6 respondents naming him , other players included Eden Hazard from Chelsea , Steven Gerrard from Liverpool and Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior.


Based on the survey conducted, the results show that the margin between the number of girls who like soccer and the number of boys who like soccer is not very great. The reason the respondents who did not like soccer gave was mostly that they were not interested in the sport.