North Cobb League of Legends Club Constitution

Article I. The Game

League of Legends is the largest video game in the world, attracting over 65 million players each month. It is a team based multiplayer online battle arena that demands profound critical thinking skills. Because of its emphasis on team play, League of Legends enables the formation of deep friendships, effective communication, and collaborative thinking. This is especially true of competitive players: their success is defined by how well they develop these skills.

Article II. The Sport:

Electronic sports, also known as esports, refers to the competitive playing of online games amongst the world’s  professional players. League of Legends has developed the largest esport scene in the world. It is played in numerous regions including China, North America, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, Brazil, and other smaller regions. In recognizing the game’s legitimacy, the United States government has granted professional League of Legends players athlete visas. Tournaments are held in world-renown complexes such as the Staples Center, the Sangam Stadium, etc. These tournaments are streamed across countless platforms such as Twitch, Azubu, and Youtube. The stadiums are often sold out, and millions view the streams. It is clear that the esports community is growing at an incredible pace. In fact, it garners so much attention that reputable organizations such as ESPN have introduced League of Legends as a topic of discussion.

Article III. Our Goals

A League of Legends club would not only positively contribute to the athletic landscape of North Cobb through competitive events held within the club, but also to the social landscape. Video games are commonly the largest social connection that the youth of today have to each other, and many friendships are formed through working together towards victory on League of Legends. Those who participate in the club will build strong values based on sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, and skill. Many of those who play video games daily do not have much interaction with these values, as they are not exposed to the environment of a competitive, athletic type of environment. This club will help to fill the void that these teenagers experience. The competitive group of the club will hold several different tryouts to participate in a varsity level team, one which will practice and play with the intent of participating in the High School Star League (, a competition that awards teams with up to $20,000 in scholarships each season.

Article IV. Organization

The League of Legends club will be organized in a manner which most effectively and efficiently allows for strong leadership and smart decisions in and out of the game. A club board shall be established, with several different people taking up specialized positions in order to gain a variety of views on how to run the club. These positions will be chosen by the founder, for the first year, but in following years a democratic process will be established and used to select proper leadership for the club. Within the club, there will be two different parts, a competitive group and a community group. The competitive group will focus on a more serious part of the game, and strive to improve their game to the highest level. The community group will allow those who are more interested in the fun side of the game to gather, and will focus on game modes that let players be less serious.

Article V.  Methods

There are several different ways that the club can be run. The best form of the club would be to allow the participants to play League of Legends on school or personal computers, allowing for a competitive and social environment to happen face to face, on campus. However, if the County is not lenient enough, an alternate method to providing an interactive and engaging experience is available. This would be to allow the participants of the club to view videos of competitive League of Legends using school or personal computers, and discuss them, while establishing a time to play together online, off campus. The final method, which would still be able to provide an interactive experience, would be to simply discuss the game and the strategies involved.

Article VI. Rules

  1. To dispel any concern about the video game detracting from student’s ability to concentrate on schoolwork, a minimum GPA of 2.7 must be maintained to be able to participate in the club.
  2. All rules pertaining to GPA or other sensitive information will be handled by the club sponsor.
  3. To emulate the restrictions of other high school sports, maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0 will be required to be able to participate in any competitive team in the club.
  4. Any member of a competitive team within the club that receives ISS or OSS from North Cobb is subject to up to a 3 month suspension from the club, as judged by the sponsor.
  5. All participants of the club must sign a contract that restricts them from using the computers and network utilized by the club to perform any malicious or prohibited activity, as well as a requirement to be above 13, as determined by the T for Teen rating on the game.
  6. Amendments may be made to the existing constitution by submitting them to club officers and the club advisor. With approval by all board members and a two-thirds majority vote by all club members, the amendment may be made to the constitution.
  7. All North Cobb rules apply to that of the North Cobb League of Legends Club.
  8. Members flagrantly disrupting the club environment will be asked to leave.
  9. Club rules are monitored and maintained by the club’s President and Vice President, and those who break the rules are subject to punishment determined and enacted by the club’s sponsor.