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The Nutley ABC would like to thank you for generously supporting

our Class of 2019 scholarship fund:


Jennifer Boyes

Linda Buset

Suzanne Hagert/Steve Kilianski

Michael and Kathleen Mankowich

Silas Mountsier

Veronica Murillo

Joseph Nicastro

Nutley Park Shoprite

Ollins Orthodontics

Jim & Vicki Ray

Blaire Rzempoluch


Mary E. Appel

Barbara Hirsch

Arlene & Les Morrell

Barry Prystowsky, MD

Regina M. Scutti

Jeana Somers

Carol Williams & Rich Spector

The Treglio Family


Kathie & Sam Battaglia

Monica & Frank Caltagirone

Maurya Contini

Rich Gaschke

Mr. & Mrs. William Gripp

Frank and Janice Guerriero

Jennifer S. Higgins

Beverly Masullo

Mary and Brian McClean

Tricia and Vern McKinney

Susan & Toby Nicastro

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Perrone

Leslie Garisto Pfaff

Dr. Frank T. Votto

Theresa & Gregory Weber

Lance Zaremba