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Greetings Citizens of the Empire!

The people behind the Empire have been talking recently about a way to get the word out about Istaria.  We've also heard members of the community talk about how difficult it is many times to find someone to help with a quest or to group with to take on a particularly difficult monster. Listening to these very valid concerns made us all realize that we have a common goal here. We need to get the word out about what a great place Istaria is for fantasy gaming!  And with the real world economy being what it is, we know that there are many of you who would love to have a second plot but can't afford the additional cost. So we thought, "What if we help those who help us by launching a grassroots campaign using the very people who know the world of Istaria best?"

So here's our plan.

We've put together a "Spread the Word" program that will let anyone who gets the word out about Istaria on a regular basis to receive a FREE additional plot slot with their paid Property Holder Access / Subscription.  Every time you share what you did in Istaria on YouTube, Blogspot, LiveJournal, FaceBook, a game forum, or another public web site, you could be on your way to an additional plot slot!  Read below for full details.

Qualifying Entries

We've tried to make this is broad as possible. We know that not everyone is a wordsmith, so video and screenshot entries are also valid. Any of the following qualify:

Content Format


Ideas and Examples

Requirements * Note: All blogs, videos and screenshots must include a link to in the actual entry.  Forum posts where the posting rules prevent adding links to other websites will not require such a link.

Videos - 4 video entries per month

Blogs - 4 blog entries per month 

Posts - 8 posts per month

Screenshots - 8 screenshots per month

* Note that each entry being submitted MUST have an individual link to it, not just a general link to your blog site, youtube name, etc.  Entries submitted are free-to-use by Virtrium in future marketing and thus need to be directly connected to the particular month's property slot.  Posts must be made in the month immediately prior to when the Property Slot begins to qualify.

For Facebook entries, you must add yourself as a fan for Istaria and befriend me (Amarie).  For Facebook in particular, you must post your entries on our Fan Site page, not just your own profile, and you must be an official fan of Istaria.

If you belong to a different social networking website and feel that Istaria and I should have a presence there as well, please submit a support ticket so we can consider that site as well.

Invalid Entries

Please note we're not going to be draconian with checking entries - but want to make it clear that a lack of effort doesn't promote Istaria very well and trivializes the effort that other people will put into their submissions.

Your Plot Slot

At the end of the month, submit a support ticket through with separate links to each of the posts, blogs, forums, etc. that you did during the month. Someone from the support team will have a quick look and add a plot slot to your account if you qualify.  Keep in mind that you will need to submit a support ticket each month with new links to renew your plot slot.

Those who work to keep readers of gaming related websites and forums up to date with news about Istaria are just as important in getting the word out.  If you have had a review of Istaria posted, or are willing to write a review to submit to an MMO related website, please contact us immediately.  For anyone who is interested in being an "Istaria correspondent" with one of the major MMO websites, please contact me as well.

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to submit a request for information through and submit your questions to Community Relations.

Yours in Istaria,

Amarie Ancalimon

Istaria Community Manager