Directions to create your map:

1 - Find your state and outline it using the 'Draw a line' tool.

2- Rename the line your state's name. In the description box, write your name.

3- Find the State Capital and mark it using a Yellow Star icon.

4 - Find major cities and mark those with an orange star.

5 - AT LEAST one of the following: rivers and other bodies of water, Indian tribes, physical features, major points of interest and/or location. In the description box add information (a paragraph) about the location.

6 - Find AT LEAST one of the following: explorers, Indian tribes, settlers, government, past and current events, and wars and battles. In the description box add additional information (paragraph).

7 - identified AT LEAST 3 people such as: presidents, Indians, authors, inventors, war heroes, athletes, actors/actresses. Place an icon with the city they are associated with. In the description box, give additional information.

8 - Natural resources/industry/products: farm crops, dairy products, mining, auto, or other industries. Place an icon where AT LEAST 2 of these can be found.

9 - State symbols addressed: A) an illustration (or picture) of state seal AND state flag, B) an illustration (or picture)of one of the following: state bird, state flower, or state animal. Insert a picture for each of these.

10 - Bibliography: Use a green circle to cite your sources. Use to cite properly! You may want to keep this information on a document. Make sure you have the Add-on Easy Bib.

See California as an example.