Czech and Slovak Club Tauranga Inc.
Committee Meeting Minutes 

Date: 28 February 2017

Time:  19.28h

Venue: Tauriko, Tauranga

Present: Dana Dunford (DD), , Kamila Lyons (KL) (skype), Aja Hansen (AH) , Klára Luxford-Rulíšek(KLR),Jana Benfell (JBf), Petr Faitl (PF), Linda Foukalova (LF - left 20:36), Debbie Moore (DM)

Apologies:  none

Meeting opened: 7.20pm                Meeting closed: 9.20pm

Minutes from previous meeting moved by: KLR


Points to be discussed


Status [O/C] When

  1. Minutes from previous meeting

  1. Summary of past event: Summer Camp
  • Total profit $149
  • 48 deti
  • The best camp yet, thanks to Dana’s efforts
  • PF 2 concerns - very little profit, we would like it to raise more for the benefit of the club
  • The person who pulls the whole camp together, there should be a financial reward for the sole organiser.
  • There should be a way of enabling people who struggle financially to be able to go to the camp (possibly from the club and fundraisers)
  • Feedback from the camp goers - was discussed at the camp, but questionaire from last year will be also send (DD)
  • Set rules how parents should interact with all children and not interfere with the camp leaders and program.


  1. Summary of past event: Mikulas

Mikulas was a successful event, we would prefer different premises for next year if available.



4a. Upcoming events

  • 4.3. (Saturday)  Multicultural
  • Jana H has plastic flowers, also made headbands, KLR - 2 table cloths, NI Mussles donating box of ice for cold drinks (selling for $2.00), KLR does have a list of shopping at Gilmours, box for float, gloves, roster is filling up but we still need more volunteers, Tombola - free draw - few Skoda hats, summer camp tshirts and lollie bags.
  • 12.3. Informal BBQ after school in 1pm at Kulim Park - BYO sausage, drink, children, partners. No costs, Club will supply essentials only. (utensils, oil..).
  • 31.3 (Friday) Night with Andersen
  • School’s out premises on 4th Avenue - cost cca $100.00, will be confirmed by LF by 3rd March, arrive 6.00pm, activities and dinner 6.30pm, charge $20.00 per child, we have 4  booked children so far.
  • 17.4. (Monday) Velikonoce
  • Try to book Matua Hall - see if we can ask parents if they would like to put the event on, AH will call Bay Venues  - 10am-1pm.
  • 29.4 (Saturday) Paleni carodejnic
  • We are going to ask parents for help with organising this event.
  • 13 & 14. 5. (Saturday, Sunday) Conference Tauranga
  • Boys college Gymnasium rooms have been books
  • 21.5. (Sunday) ? AGM  Suma AH will book from 7pm








  1. Playgroup / School
  • Contract AH. Using a contract for unqualified teacher. Was printed and signed at the meeting.
  • New storage cupboard, each teacher has one key. (4 keys in total)
  • Storage for library is still needed.




  1. Correspondence
  • Incoming: Hana Fladerova
  • MZV Dopis krajanum
  • MOE on Playgroup (outgoing application for Jan - June operations’ grant)


  1.  Financial Report

  • Presented, Attached.
  • Note, minutes of meetings are on drive including financial report and no printed copies are required.


  1. IT report
  • Website sponsors are to be contacted: will ask  among members for a volunteer fundraising coordinator.



  1. Library
  • New additions via MOE grant, more books to be ordered.
  • Possible joint venture with ACSTEC library.
  • More stickers ordered and received.
  • We are still looking for a librarian helper.


  1. Fundraising

  • Bunnings we will try booking 18 or 25 Mar.
  • Fundraising for winter and summer South Island camps Mitre 0 Mega Sunday 30 April.
  • Costume shirts will be ordered and delivered by LF in April/May and paid for from the MOE grant where we have requested money for costumes.



12. President report


Need cover for Klara on 9th April (JBf), Kamila can’t teach on the 9th April either, DD will take the older children and AH will have Mysky

Attachments:  Financial report, President's report.