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Edward Tulane
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Right Flap

Cut and make into a book


I wonder if you were anywhere in this story.  Was there a character like you? Why?

What did you like about Edward Tulane?





Why do you think Bull was so sad?

Tell me about Bryce and Sarah Ruth.  What did Edward learn from them?




How did Edward finally get back to Abilene? How was he different since his journey began?






Right Flap

What did the stars in the book stand for?  Why do you think was Edward always looking toward the stars?









Left Flap

Lights, Camera, Action!

             Choose one the following and plan it in the space below:

1.          Do a talk show about the book

2.  Make a skit of a part of a book

3.   Create a puppet and make a                                  puppet show of part of the book.

4.   Create an alternate ending for the book.


Center Flap full page

Draw a picture of your favorite part of the book: