Suggested Reading List (Draft)

for the Reputation Workshop, Feb 22-24, 2012

Contributed by the Fellows and others

special thanks to Michele Catasta (@pirroh) for assembling

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• A. Jøsang, R. Ismail, C. Boyd - A Survey of Trust and Reputation Systems for Online Service Provision, (2007).

• C. Dellarocas - Reputation Mechanisms, (2006).

• L. De Alfaro, A. Kulshreshtha, I. Pye, B. T. Adler - Reputation Systems for Open Collaboration, (2011).

• D. Artz, Y. Gi - A Survey of Trust in Computer Science and the Semantic Web, (2007).

Short Treatments or Popular Articles

Wikipedia - Reputation System

P. Resnick, R. Zeckhauser, E. Friedman, K. Kuwabar - Reputation Systems, (2000).

Wikipedia - Online Reputation Management

Books and Collections

• Randy Farmer, Bryce Glass - Building Web Reputation Systems, (2010).

• Ed. by Masum and Tovey - The Reputation Society: How Online Opinions Are Reshaping the Offline World (Feb 2012, MIT Press).  (Intriguing new publication, just released, includes contributions by attendees Craig Newmark, Chris Dellarocas (pdf) and others)

• Ed. by David Clark- Daedalus v140, issue 4 - Protecting the Internet as a Public Commons (Fall 2011, MIT Press-- available as a $9.99 kindle download).  (Some articles relevant to reputation, including by Resnick and others)

• Robert E. Kraut, Paul Resnick - Building Successful Online Communities: Evidence-Based Social Design, (2012, in press). [excerpt]

Richards J. Heuer Jr. - Psychology of Intelligence Analysis, (1999).


FAQs from online systems FAQ - Commends and Moderation, Meta-Moderation

• - How feedback works

• FAQ - What is reputation?

Peerage of Science FAQ (relatively new system)

• - The Value of Downvoting, or, How Hacker News Gets It Wrong FAQ - User influence

System designs

• B. Glass - Designing your reputation system (in 10! easy steps), (2008).

• C. Dellarocas - Online reputation systems: how to design one that does what you need, (2010).

• S. D. Kamvar, M. T. Schlosser, H. Garcia-Molina - The EigenTrust Algorithm for Reputation Management in P2P Networks, (2002).

• K. Walsh, E. G. Sirer - Experience with an object reputation system for peer-to-peer filesharing, (2006).

• N. Tran, B. Min, J. Li, L. Subramanian - Sybil-Resilient Online Content Voting, (2009).

Reasoning and Language

John Brockman - Notes on a conversation with Hugo Mercier, in The Edge - The argumentative theory, (2012).

• Tyler Schnoeblen - Notes on Du Bois, J. - The Stance Triangle, (2010).

• H. Mercier, D. Sperber - Why do humans reason? Arguments for an argumentative theory, (2009).

• D. Prelec - A Bayesian Truth Serum for Subjective Data, (2004).


• K. Aberer, Z. Despotovic - Managing trust in a peer-2-peer information system, (2001).

• L. Xiong, L. Liu - PeerTrust: supporting reputation-based trust for peer-to-peer electronic communities, (2004).

K. Aberer, Z. Despotovic - P2P reputation management: Probabilistic estimation vs. social networks, (2006).

• L. Vu, K. Aberer - Effective Usage of Computational Trust Models in Rational Environments, (2011).

• Y. Wang, J. Vassileva - Trust and Reputation Model in Peer-to-Peer Networks, (2003).

• R. Aringhieri , E. Damiani , S. De Capitani Di Vimercati , S. Paraboschi , P. Samarati - Fuzzy techniques for trust and reputation management in anonymous peer-to-peer systems, (2006).


• E. J. Friedman, P. Resnick - The Social Cost of Cheap Pseudonyms, (1999).

• S. Marti, H. Garcia-Molina - Identity crisis: anonymity vs reputation in P2P systems, (2003).

Reputation in Web Search

• Wikipedia - Google’s PageRank - Authority FAQ

Google Webmaster Central Blog - High-quality sites algorithm goes global, incorporates user feedback, (2011).

Attacks and Countermeasures

• J. R. Douceur - The Sybil Attack, (2002).

• A. Cheng, E. Friedman - Sybilproof reputation mechanisms, (2005).

• A. Jøsang, J. Golbeck - Challenges for Robust Trust and Reputation Systems, (2009).

• A. Singh , T. Ngan , P. Druschel , D. S. Wallach - Eclipse Attacks on Overlay Networks: Threats and Defenses, (2006).

• M. Srivatsa, L. Xiong, L. Li - TrustGuard: Countering Vulnerabilities in Reputation Management for Decentralized Overlay Networks, (2005).

H. Yu, P. B. Gibbons, M. Kaminsky, F. Xiao - SybilLimit: A Near-Optimal Social Network Defense Against Sybil Attacks, (2010).

Community and Deployed System studies

• B. T. Adler, L. de Alfaro, S. M. Mola-Velasco, P. Rosso, A. G. West - Wikipedia Vandalism Detection: Combining Natural Language, Metadata, and Reputation Features, (2011).

• Lampe and Resnick - Slash(dot) and Burn: Distributed Moderation in a Large Online Conversation Space, (2004).  Also see these other two Lampe / Resnick / Johnston papers on Slashdot here and here.

• B. Frey, R. Jegen - Motivation crowding theory: A survey of empirical evidence, (2001).

• A. Halfaker, A. Kittur, J. Riedl - Don’t Bite the Newbies: How Reverts Affect the Quantity and Quality of Wikipedia Work, (2011).