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What questions do you have about going desk less?

  1. Where do students keep their things?- book bins & other organizational spots
  2. How do students write out any work without a desktop?
  3. How does classroom management work? (preventing arguments, chatty kiddos, staying on task, etc.)- in the beginning of the school year they stay at each type of seating for 1 week until they learned the expectations for each type of seating.
  4. How do you find cheap (free!), fun furniture?
  5. Where do you start?!
  6. How do you convince your principal who may not be on board with the idea?
  7. How does your room change from year to year with the differing needs of your students?
  8. How do you get parents on board? Stand your ground, parents will see that it works.

What ideas do you have to share? (Pictures, links, tips, Pinterest Board, etc)



Stand up desks

Lower desks and sit on pillows

Different sitting options

Alternative Seating Blog

Bed Risers to raise desks - make a standing desk

Check local universities for surplus store sales

Share with students where you work at home … it’s not always a desk

Ask students what they think about the best work spaces for them.

Post a video on your classroom webpage of a tour of your classroom and include why you find certain things so helpful/important

DonorsChoose-  Public school teachers need to sign up!

Keep projects smaller to get funded quicker

December is a good time to get funded - people trying to get tax write offs.

State Education Association might have grants

Local Carpet stores can donate carpet squares

Yoga Mats - $5 below … cut them in half

Yoga Balls at $5 Below too