Welcome to the Mutual Aid Jamaica Plain & Roxbury network! In these fast moving and uncertain times, it’s important that we show up for each other and remember that we are not alone.

Please share this doc widely: https://bit.ly/jpmutualaid.

Mutual aid is a powerful way to build strong connections - we all have something to offer and we all have something we need. Feel free to fill out both “needs” and “offerings”.

1.  If you are looking for help:

Find your nearest Neighborhood Point Person on this map, and reach out to them for support: http://bit.ly/JPaidmap. They are here to help connect you with what you need.

Look at the Offerings Spreadsheet, to see if someone is already offering the help that you need, and reach out to them! If you do not see what you need on this spreadsheet, you can add your information to this Needs List, and someone from the core team will follow up. You can also use the Needs List if you’re not comfortable reaching out to someone directly.

If you’d prefer not to add your name and contact information on the public spreadsheet, you can email us at mutualaidjamaicaplain@gmail.com with your request and we can add it to the sheet for you anonymously.

There is no ask that is too big and no one will ever be shamed for asking for what they need.


2.  If you want to offer help:

First fill out this form:  Mutual Aid Jamaica Plain/Roxbury Offerings.

This spreadsheet (which is public and non-editable) is where you can then see the resources, skills, etc. that community members (including you!) have offered to share.  Using information from this public spreadsheet, others can reach out to you directly for support.

After you’ve filled out the form offering help, please periodically check the Needs List, which will be updated regularly. Reach out directly to anyone you are able to help, and keep us updated via email about that communication!

After you’ve offered help, if something changes and your information needs to be edited, email us at mutualaidjamaicaplain@gmail.com. For example, if you’ve completed a request from someone, we can remove your name or a part of your response so that you won’t receive more requests for help you can no longer offer.

3.   If you want to create a neighborhood pod:

Pods are local groups created by you and your close neighbors, using text messages or phone trees to communicate. Since not everyone has access to online communication or will ever even see the above google docs, neighborhood pods are a way to reach more people, and to build community more locally. We’d love for you to sign up as a  Neighborhood Point Person, where you’d take on the responsibility of reaching out to your neighbors, moderating a neighborhood group chat or phone tree (on whatsapp or another communication tool). You can also be in touch with other neighborhood point people for resource sharing. If you have the capacity to take on this role, please let us know ASAP by putting that info into the Offerings google form, and we’ll set you up with a toolkit to help you get started.


Help us build:

              We are looking for various kinds of support: these documents were put together in a few hours by a small group of  friends and we definitely need help from more people to get this thing going on the scale that we need. Here are some roles that need to be filled:

  • Spreading the word - We need to spread the word about what we’re doing in concise and clear ways to ALL parts of Jamaica Plain and Roxbury- help us make and distribute flyers, spread the word online, and reach out to your friends.

  • Translation/Language Justice - Please reach out if you have capacity to translate some of our materials into Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, or any other languages as needed!
  • Coalition Building - Why reinvent the wheel? JP/Roxbury is filled with awesome organizations that already have tons of resources and skills. We want to form networks with them to maximize mutual aid! Help us reach out to existing networks and figure out how to power up together. Here is a spreadsheet where we’re keeping track of individuals and orgs we’re reaching out to.

  • Budgeting - Determining distribution of donated funds based on principles of harm reduction and effectiveness.

Anything else! More ways that JP/Roxbury students who don’t have access to school breakfasts/lunches still get fed? Virtual concerts with donations to musicians? Your brilliant idea?! Get in touch: mutualaidjamaicaplain@gmail.com 

We got this

 Many thanks to Mutual Aid Medford and Somerville (MAMAS), who initiated this campaign!

To replicate it for your neighborhood, check out their how-to guide.