Welcome to the Mutual Aid Jamaica Plain & Roxbury network! In these fast moving and uncertain times, it’s important that we show up for each other and remember that we are not alone.

Please share this doc widely:

Mutual aid is a powerful way to build strong connections - we all have something to offer and we all have something we need. Feel free to fill out both “needs” and “offerings”. No one will ever be shamed for asking for what they need.

Our guiding values and agreements doc, which is a working document we’d love feedback and continued conversations on, is here. We also have a community survey to give feedback!

1.  If you are looking for help:

Find your nearest Neighborhood Point Person on this map, and reach out to them for support: They are here to help connect you with what you need.

Join our Neighbor to Neighbor System! First, fill out our Support Request Form. Your information will be kept private. We will work on matching you with a long-term support partner in your area for a sustainable relationship. Our N2N Support Team will follow up and support both neighbors. Learn more about the system and other supports here. Please note that we’re a small team and receive many requests, so it might be a little while before you hear back. Email us at with any questions.

As of Monday, June 15th, we are no longer accepting requests for financial support from the Venmo fund. We will re-evaluate and possibly re-open the fund in the future, as fundraising and capacity allows.  As challenging and painful as it is to say no to future requests, we feel accountable to those who have already requested, and we need to be transparent about our ability to actually fulfill requests. Please see MAMAS’ Resource Hub for financial relief resources. Read our full Finance Team update here.

You can also call our hotline at (617) 858-6238 and leave a voicemail - but please be aware that we receive a lot of calls and it sometimes takes a few days to get back to folks.


2.  If you want to offer help:

We invite you to join our Neighbor to Neighbor System!

First, fill out the Providing Support Form. By joining the system, you sign up to be matched with a neighbor in your area to provide longer-term support in a sustainable support relationship. Our N2N Support Team will follow up with you and support both neighbors.  Learn more about the system and other supports here. Please note that we’re a small team managing many matches, so it might be a little while before you hear back. Email us at with any questions.

To donate to a pooled fund for your neighbors, please send money to @JPRoxburyMutualAid on Venmo. Check out our fund overview for more information.

If you have a car/bike and can help shop and/or deliver groceries to people in need, join our Deliveries Google Group!

3.   If you want to create a neighborhood pod:

Pods are local groups created by you and your close neighbors, using text messages or phone trees to communicate. Since not everyone has access to online communication or will ever even see the above google docs, neighborhood pods are a way to reach more people, and to build community more locally. We’d love for you to sign up as a  Neighborhood Point Person, where you’d take on the responsibility of reaching out to your neighbors, moderating a neighborhood group chat or phone tree (on whatsapp or another communication tool). You can also be in touch with other neighborhood point people for resource sharing. If you have the capacity to take on this role, please let us know ASAP by putting that info into the Offerings google form, and we’ll set you up with a toolkit to help you get started.

4. If you want to help in any other way, please email us!


We got this

 Many thanks to Mutual Aid Medford and Somerville (MAMAS), who initiated this campaign!

To replicate it for your neighborhood, check out their how-to guide.