Sample Worship Script & Order



Call to worship

[Select from “Calls to Worship” options on website or write your own.]



[Select from “Words of Welcome” options on website or write your own.]

Guests, we are grateful you’ve come. Please feel free to introduce yourselves during sharing time.

Lighting the Peace Lamp

We light our peace lamp each week to remember that we both witness and participate in God’s vision. We long for peace, pray for peace, and choose to live for peace.

[Light the lamp.]

Please join me in a prayer for peace:

Prayer for Peace

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Children’s Time (STS 47)

Adults, I invite you to honor this time as specifically for the children, and to, as much as you’re able, hold your responses and reactions to yourself so the children can be fully present to this special time for them.


Adults, please enter this time with a childlike sense of wonder so that the children can concentrate.

Let the children come to me; let the children come.

Never hinder them; never stop them. O let the children come.

[Invite children forward, and move the lectern while musicians lead our chorus. After children’s time, check the schedule on the back of the bulletin. Be prepared to ask for volunteers if one or both assigned caregivers are absent.]

Children ages 3 and under are invited to go to the nursery. [NAME] and [NAME] are our nursery caregivers today. Thank you for serving.


Receiving God’s Word



Gospel (or primary preaching text)

        One:  For the word of God in Scripture,

for the word of God among us,

for the word of God within us,

         All:  thanks be to God.





Each week we enter this sacred space carrying with us the many and fragmented pieces of our lives, our fears, our desires, our sorrows and our satisfactions.

We pause for a moment now to share some of what we carry,

to name our prayers before one another and God,

to share responses to the sermon or service this morning.

We are always grateful for the presence of guests in our midst,

and so we’d be glad if you would introduce yourselves during this time.

What do you have to share today with the body gathered here in God’s name?

[You might consider cuing the congregation to respond following each person’s sharing with you saying: “God, in your mercy and goodness” congregation: “hear our prayer," OR you saying “Who will join in this prayer?” congregation “I will.”]


[Select from “Prayers” options on website or write your own.]


One way we share with one another and with our neighbors is by sharing our offerings. Guests, we’d love to know who you are, have a record of your visit, and know how to get in contact with you. Please consider filling out the Connect Card on the back of the bulletin or drop a card in the offering plate.

As you pass the basket, whether or not you have something to drop in it this morning, I invite you take a moment and offer a prayer or blessing for this congregation, or pause to consider how you would like to offer yourself in service to God this week. In gratitude we now receive our offerings of money, of prayers, of intentions.

[AFTER THE OFFERING IS RECEIVED: offer a prayer of dedication. Even something simple, “For these gifts offered, we give thanks, O God. Amen.” Place baskets on altar.]



As a community we share in more than just worship. Here’s a few of those ways in which we engage our world together. If you have an announcement to share with the community, I invite you forward.

[Check the schedule on the back of the bulletin and kick off this time. You may also invite them to stand so that our guests know who to look for.]

[NAME] and [NAME] will be sitting at the Welcome Table during fellowship time this morning. Guests and newcomers are most welcome to stop by.



[Select from “Benedictions” options on website or write your own.]

Extinguishing the Peace Lamp

One:  Now the light of Christ is in you.

 All:  Thanks be to God.

Post-Service Reminder:

We have a covenant with First Church that we will be out of the sanctuary space by 10:30am so that they can set up for their 11am worship service.  If the service runs close to time, or if people are chatting for a long time after service and it is 10:30, please gently remind everyone to go downstairs for fellowship time!