Minutes for November 11, 2014

Attending: President Evan Gillespie, Vice President Joseph Montoya, Business Manager Devin Hill, Judicial Officer Tyler Story, Off-Campus Representative Hannah Fenn, On-Campus Representative Erika Rasmussen, Freshman Representative Maria Flores, Sophomore Representative Claire Silva, Junior Representative Kendall Hopkins, Senior Representative Christina Hunt, Advisor Taylor Altizer, Advisor Keith Bolte

5:11- Kendall opens in prayer

5:12- Evan calls meeting to order and calls for review of the minutes

5:13- Claire moves to approve the minutes as they stand, Hannah seconds,

5:13- Devin gives budget report

5:14- Tyler moves to amend the time capsule fund to $819.31, Devin seconds, motion passes unanimously

5:15- Claire moves to approve $150.00 for the sophomore coffee event, Kendall seconds, motion passes unanimously

5:16- Christina moves to approve $145.00 for the Senior Sunrise, Tyler seconds, motion passes unanimously

5:17- Kendall moves to approve the funds to buy the inflatable turkey, Tyler seconds, motion passes unanimously

5:21- Erica presents Powder Puff

5:28- Taylor volunteers to help with the donations for Powder Puff

5:30- Kendall, Tyler, and Evan volunteer to help with the ty-dye event

5:35- Claire, Maria, Tyler, Hannah, Evan, and Kendall volunteer to do powder puff sign-ups before and after chapel

5:40- Joseph presents design for shirts

5:44- Tyler tells us that we cannot change the Spanish channel on the TV, and we must get Provost approval

5:47- Evan gives Representative promo video update

5:51- Joseph moves to adjourn the meeting, Devin seconds, motion passes unanimously