Drama 6.2: Movie Trailer Plan

Make a copy of this plan and retitle it 6.2 Movie Trailer: Name of Film (First Names of Team) and place it in the Movie Trailer Folder - 6.2 Speechmaking. As a group, you should complete this plan but each member of the group should have their contribution in their own coloured font.

Trailer Title (What is the title of your Trailer):Black Wolf

Type of Audience (Who are your audience?):   teenagers

Purpose (What is the aim of your Trailer?):  we made the work 

Colors: Hana.C: Purple    Ryan: +Green and black    Vienna: Blue/Light Blue  James: Black  Qurijin: Red



Notes (Detailed bullet notes please)


What is the film style? E.g. Science Fiction

 Fiction?  (Spy Maybe..)  ACTION


Give detailed examples of the following:

  • What is the Conflict? People vs. People/Nature/Themselves

  • What kind of action sequences?

  • What Human Drama have you included? E.g. Love, Sadness, Happiness

  • What sense of Mystery is there?

  • Include a natural humorous moment

Voice Actors:

Hana C= Spy Girl and Ernestine

Ryan= Narrotor


James=black wolf

Qurijin= spymaster

People vs  people (Ninja vs Ninja)

Action sequences

1. Sword fighting


2. Kung fu

Human Drama, Action


There is a spiesthat has betrayed the other Spies, by stealing a Sacred Artifact. We only know him as Black Wolf, and the Ninjas are hunting him down.

Secret spies were still here in the Modern World. And they had been Hiding  Something. Until one day it was GONE.

Hero: Black Wolf

Enemy: The Reaper



What sound effects will you need?

Running Sounds, War cries, Screams, Sword Fighting


What equipment will you need to make the

sound effects?

Your Feet? Mouth?hands,legs, actually all kind’s of the body,  some kind of metal 



Movie Title

Black Wolf

Slogan (catchy phrase)

Born with ferocity? 

Find it out with your OWN EYES!

Music (Soundtrack)


Dialogue Grabs

Voice Over




Release Date

2014  may 30

please see next page


this bit is from everyone 

Sound Effect: Howl of a Wolf……

Narrator: In a world of deceit and lies,  only one can stop him

 Narrator: You Black Wolf

(Action Spy Music)

(Action music stops)

Black Wolf: who me?

Spy master: Yes you.

Spy girl: The Ernestine has broken into the spy vaults.

You need to stop him!

Ernestine: Nobody Fails The Emestine, And those that do shall be brought to justice.!

Sound Effect: Slash!

Sound Effect: Scream….

 Ernestine: I will have it, and No One will STOP ME!.

Cloak sound?

Narrator:  on DVD this summer

Narrator:  June 24th 2014

 Black Wolf’s skills will be put to the test.

(Gun Sounds)

(Jump sounds)

 Spy Master: You Alone Black Wolf

Black wolf: master????

Black Wolf : MASTERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Narrator: The Pegasus Spies has been put in turmoil.

Evil spy: Your time is up Black wolf, you are weak…..

Evil spy: Goodbye

Spy Master: There is a traitor among us.

(Kissing Sounds)

 Spy Girl: I love you Black Wolf!

Black Wolf: To late for that!

(Gun Shot)

Who knows the secrets of what the Pegasus spies have been holding for years?

Find it out yourself in the May 30th in Theatre….

 Spy Girl: Its just dog what are you scared about?

Black Wolf: Thats no dog! Run!

(Savage sound)

Narrator: Black wolf, agent of justice, coming to theatres May 30th 2014

(End Music)!!!!

Make sure your delivery has a level of interest and energy.