Plano Solar Advocates July Newsletter (dated 7/7/13)

Please forward this information to persons in Plano and the surrounding area that might be interested in promoting the use of clean energy in the form of solar energy - our untapped natural energy resource in Texas!

Our Solarize Plano Project is progressing!  As of July 6 we had 18 persons enrolled.  We need a minimum of 20 to proceed with the project, so help keep spreading the word.  Information is available at our Solarize Plano website and our project announcement is available at the Dallas Morning News NeighborsGo website.  See the story here - PLANO SOLAR ADVOCATES INTRODUCE “SOLARIZE PLANO” GROUP PURCHASE SOLAR PROGRAM FOR LOCAL HOMEOWNERS

Check out the recent blog postings on our website -

5/31/13 - Generate Your Own Electricity, Group Solar Purchase! - Read about our Solarize Plano Project announcement and kickoff

6/7/13 - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - A report released this week by the Solar Foundation titled "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Encouraging Solar Development through Community Association Policies and Processes" identifies three simple actions HOAs can take to bring more solar to their communities.

6/11/13 - Learning and Fun with Solar Powered Cars! - Plano Solar Advocates volunteers had the wonderful experience of engaging in lessons, discussions, and Q&A with elementary students in 14 different class sessions (a total of 215 students) while helping them assemble demonstration solar powered cars.

6/30/13 - Solar Powering Your Community Workshop – This article gives information and links to the May 20 workshop that was held in Arlington, Texas

7/1/13 - Fourth Graders Power Their Classroom with Solar Energy - This is so cool -- Check out this short video and story about what a fourth grade class in North Carolina accomplished! Just think how much sunshine we have in Texas!

Hope you enjoy these articles!

Best Regards,

Larry Howe & Plano Solar Advocates Volunteers!