Google Calendar: Basic

Demonstration of Learning

Google Calendar takes the basic functions of a calendar to a whole new level. At ReNEW, we use our calendars all the time. The advanced sharing helps us communicate and collaborate better, be more efficient, and manage our time with ease.


  • Step 1 - Create a calendar!
  • Create a classroom calendar separate from your personal calendar called “Basic Task - [Last Name]
  • Make the calendar public
  • Allow outside viewers to “See only free/busy”
  • Share the “Basic Task - [Last Name]” calendar with google@renewschools.org so that they can “Make changes to events”
  • Change the default color of your new calendar to your favorite color

Optional Reflection:

What public calendars could you make? (i.e. GLT, content team, SPED, clubs, sports, events, etc.)

  • Step 2 - Create an event!
  • Create an event called “Basic Task Event - [Last Name]” in your “Basic Task - [Last Name]” calendar
  • Invite google@renewschools.org to the event
  • Add your school as the location of the meeting (use the actual address - it should pop up when you search!)
  • Change the calendar of the event to “Basic Task - [Last Name]
  • By default, your events will be created in your personal calendar
  • Add notification for 1 hour before the event
  • Attach a Google Doc to the event (for example, your “Basic Task - [Last Name]” file)
  • Change the privacy of the event to “Private”
  • Save the event

Note: feel free to delete the calendar you made here ONLY AFTER you have received a confirmation email that you’ve earned the badge.


  1. Go to the Calendar Basic badge (on renewownyourlearning.com)
  2. Simply click “Submit” at the bottom.