Art Class Procedures

Ms. Klenow Room 1316

1.  Homework- Due on Thursday or Friday every other week depending on the A/B schedule.  Examples/Instruction will be provided at least a week prior.  Spend a minimum of 1 hour on homework.  Resources; for deadlines, for examples go to

2.  Hall Passes- Students receive 3 hall passes per semester  to use in emergency situations.

3.  Pencils-  All students must bring a pencil every day

4.  Absent- See the teacher immediately upon return for make-up work.  A peer tutor may be assigned.

5.  Sketchbook- All students are required to keep a Deconstruction Book which we will make in class.  This will be used almost daily. We will do weekly experiments in the book also.

6.  Supplies- Supplies must be purchased by 9/30/2017  

7.  Discipline Policy- Students will follow all rules in the student handbook as well as be respectful of the art room and art supplies.  Failure to do so will result in the following

        a.  Warning

        b.  Teacher/student conference

        c.  Art Detention (served after school or during lunch ½ hour of cleaning)

        d. Parent phone call

        e. Office Referral

8.  Rewards-

9.  Grading Policy

10.   Late Work-late homework is accepted but a penalty of minus 20 points will be applied to earned grade.

11.   Failing Grades- Students who receive below a 70% will be given a Grade Recovery Contract.  The Grade Recovery Contract will:

12.  Electronics- Students may use cell phones when specifically directed/allowed to (example; to photograph artwork, access the Remind app, or reference an image)