Fall 2018


For students who declared their English major AFTER Summer 2014, the following Fall 2018 courses satisfy the area elective requirements:

British literature before 1800

English 313, Arthurian Tradition

English 332, Shakespeare I

English 334, Milton

English 344, English Novel I

American literature before 1900

English 348, The Early Black Atlantic

English 351, Nineteenth-Century US Literature

English 354, African American Literature I

Global, Ethnic or Postcolonial literature

English 354, African American Literature I*

English 364, African Literature & Culture

English 367, Modern Irish Literature

English 369, Asian American Literature

English 378, Caribbean Literature

* Please note: if you take ENG 354, it may only count toward ONE of your required area electives (Pre-1900 American Literature OR Global, Ethnic, and Postcolonial literature)