Resetting your LAUSD Password


1. Visit and click on Student.

2. Click Activate your account or reset your password. SSAM Project.png


3. Read the LAUSD Acceptable Use Policy, check I agree, and then click Accept. 

LAUSD Password Reset.png

4. Fill in the information Press Next.


5. Type in a password of your choosing, making sure that it meets all the password requirements listed. Type in the same password again. BE SURE TO WRITE DOWN THIS PASSWORD  AND DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ANYONE ELSE.


6. You should see a confirmation page

------If you a using an LAUSD Chromebook to reset this password, then you will need to complete the following step----------

7. In the bottom right of your screen, click the icon and Sign Out.

8. After signing out, you will sign back in with your new password. Your Chromebook may ask you to re-enter your old password once, however, you do not need to. You may click Forgot Old Password and Proceed Anyway to log in.

DONE! You now have a new password that is good for the next 180 days. Don’t forget it.