Tony Loving

Jason Follansbee

Jordenne Sargent

Tiffany Snyder

Jeff Leombruno

Heather Clark

Lindsay Lesiczka

Matt Millbury

Chris Mazzone

Nick Fiset

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

Insurance update. Insurance salesperson  was supposed to come discuss the insurance we purchased, but couldn’t make it. He’ll be rescheduled.

Heather motioned to approve last month’s minutes. Jason seconded.

Treasurer's report. Checking has $10,122. Savings has $11,092. Tony made a motion to accept the treasurer's report. Lindsay seconded.


Nick Fiset (HS basketball coach) attended to talk to us tonight. Expressing that he’s very interested in seeing our program be successful, and that will directly affect the success of his program. He wants to build a relationship between his program and our program...ideas like quick youth games during halftime of his games, kids visiting in the locker room, etc. Tony mentioned we’ve tried to do a similar program in the past. Tony asked if we can get some pointers as to the main things we should really be teaching in our youth programs, as we rely solely on volunteers and a lot of volunteers do that without a real knowledge of the game. Nick said off the top of his head: triple threat, dribbling both hands, left and right hand layups, etc. Conversation around how many kids are playing both 7/8 in EYAA and middle school. Nick would like to see our emphasis on skill development, not winning games. Matt mentioned that one of our problems is getting gym time for practices. Heather mentioned she spoke to Larry about gym time, and Jason said he spoke to him today as well. Jason asked if we should work with someone specific for scheduling of refs, Nick said he’d handle it. Ongoing conversation re: refs.

Chris mentioned he’d like to touch base with Nick re: terminology so we’re using the right terms all the way from K through HS. Chris also mentioned having a concern with having our young kids spending time with certain of the HS athletes. Conversation ensued around some of the league issues with our younger kids shooting on 10’ hoops and what alternatives we might have there. Chris mentioned that Newmarket is adding a 7/8 girls team to our league, but that the rest of Newmarket plays in the Southeast Recreational Basketball League, which he thinks plays on lower hoops at the younger level.

The board officially appointed Chris the Director of Basketball.

Jason gave an update on assessments. Chris mentioned we need to let the league know we have two additional teams over what we originally told the league, as we have an extra girls 3/4 and an extra 7/8 boys team. Quick runthrough of all teams and coaches. Discussion around practice times and scheduling of the gym, along with conflicts with school activities. Chris questioned if we should invite coaches to the league coaches meeting. League meeting is scheduled for the 30th for 5/6 and 7/8.  Chris will be doing an EYAA coaches meeting on the 1st.


Lindsay gave a soccer update in Dave’s absence. The program wrapped up successfully. Equipment got put away and pinnies will be going to get washed at Green Earth Baby Works.


Jordenne brought up an event with the Fisher Cats that we can do as a fundraiser. EYAA can purchase tickets at a discount and then resell them at face value at a profit. We would have to purchase $800 of tickets to commit to that. Jeff mentioned that he would like to see the board decide on what the money would be benefitting if we are doing a fundraiser (redoing the fields at Mary Blair, for example). Heather mentioned some other fundraising ideas. Chris mentioned we might be able to invest some of our savings specifically for capital improvement. Consensus on moving forward with the fundraiser. Tiffany questioned if we want to do the EYAA dance. Dance is being tabled to next meeting.


Jason asked if the board has thought about moving back to Cal Ripken. Matt mentioned some benefits to the move regarding game play. Jason mentioned some financial benefits to EYAA as well. Jeff made a motion for Jason to move to the Cal Ripken league, Heather seconded. Motion passed.


Jordenne mentioned some sponsors still need to pay.

Jeff questioned what we want to do about a refund policy. Much conversation ensued. Jeff will draft a policy around not issuing full refunds, and no refunds after registrations close for a program.

Jeff mentioned pending orders in the system. Tiffany will review the pending orders and follow up with any people that still need to pay.

Jeff made a motion to adjourn. Jordenne seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.