2016 BTHL Annual Meeting

We May 25, 2016

8:30 pm

  1. Call to Order: 8:35pm
  1. BTHL Members Present

Andy Pokupec - President

Allan Streib - Webmaster

Rob Pozzebon - Vice President

Jason Bowra - Treasurer

Mike Ohlinger - Squirt Commissioner

  1. Organizations present

Athens Youth Hockey Association

Bloomington Blades Youth Hockey Association

Butler County Youth Hockey Association (now Miami Youth Hockey/Junior Redhawks).

Capital Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA)

Cincinnati Swords

Columbus Chill Youth Hockey Association (CCYHA)

Columbus (IN) Youth Hockey

Dayton Hockey Association (DHA)

Evansville Youth Hockey Association (EYHA)

Findlay Amateur Hockey Association (FAHA)

Fort Wayne Youth Hockey (FWYH)

Indian Hill Winter Club

Indianapolis Junior Fuel

Louisville Ice Cardinals (KAIHA)

Newark Ice Hockey Association

Northern Kentucky Youth Hockey Association (NKYHA)

Owensboro Youth Hockey Association (OYHA)

South Indy Youth Hockey Association (SIYHA)


Thanks to those who helped with tournaments, communication, etc. during the prior season. We continue to need help with board positions and general help, solutions not just complaints. Interested in a volunteer to help set up future meetings in GoToMeeting or similar.

Walk-through of agenda topics.

Modified double-elimination tournament if possible to provide more games and utilize available ice.

Mite division possible, possibly 3 tournaments, cross-ice/jamboree format. If your association has interest please let us know.

Idea of funding a GoPro camera for each referee association. Would need to work out accountability, keeping track of camera.

Need help with board positions, esp:

If you can help or have ideas for other ways you can help let us know.

Reminder no “fair play” points. All minor penalties are 2 minutes.

This year, we are working on policy for Protest vs. Complaint. The goal is that we want to be able to address and respond to rule violations or other legitimate problems even if the exact protocol for a Protest is not followed. Protest is still a formal request to forfeit a game. Complaint is calling attention to an alleged problem or violation, may or may not result in further investigation depending on the specific nature of the complaint.

Each Association Rep is the primary contact person for communication with the league. Association Rep is liaison to their teams, players, parents. We are all volunteers and have limited time so this helps manage the communication workload. League does not communicate directly with parents.

Home team updates scores on website. Scoresheets go to commissioners. Legible photo or scan as email attachment is ideal. Report all suspensions on the website within 24 hours. League does not assign or control the refs for league games.


        Team Applications on website Jun. 1.

Seeding Schedule: Sep. 9

        Seeding Tournament: Sep. 17-18

        Preliminary Divisions Posted: Sep. 23

        Petitions Due: Sep. 25 (5:00pm)

        Final Divisions Posted & Scheduling Starts: Sep. 27

        Scheduling Complete & Rosters Entered: Sep. 30

        Games Begin: Oct. 1

        Games End: Feb. 19

        End of Season: Feb 24-25-26 and March 3-4

Preseason in Cinncinati, Dayton, Oxford. Teams may register for preseason without committing to league for a non-refundable $250 fee (applied to regular season league fees). Teams must have 10 skaters and a goalie. Contact league in advance if you will have any issues with this.

Year-End in Cincinnati/Dayton Area, Modified Double Elimination with last 2 teams left play only 1 game for Championship and do it over 2 weekends if needed.


Wendy South Indy - question about split format weekend, how will it work?

1st weekend all teams, 2nd weekend for AA, A-Gold, etc. Possible a secondary followup tournament so that teams committed to both weekends would have something to do.

Louisville -- U18/U16 league?

This would be the midget division, wide range of skill level. Still looking for interest. How many associations might have a midget team interest? Fuel; Louisville (Midget Minor); Cincy stay in high school league; JV league - Cincy will have at least one. NKY 2 JV teams? Indian Hill? St. X Reserve team? Owensboro JV one team.

Ohio state high school allowed to play club hockey?
Poke will look into it.

Evansville -- Double elimination, expanding to additional cities?

Open to doing it, but this year it looks like we have enough ice in Cincy/Dayton. In prior years we had limited ice and last minute changes. Working to get all needed ice reserved early.

Mike CAHA -- Can we prioritize geography over competitive balance? Families are spending more on travel. Other options for many teams if they have to travel 3, 4, 5+ hours.

Development will not occur if games are too lopsided. We try to work within a smaller geo radius whenever possible while retaining balance. Nobody benefits from blowout games. Geographic divisions with crossover? BTHL Tournaments within the year to centralize games? Difficulty getting ice will be the problem.

Someone -- What is intent of GoPro camera proposal?

Idea is based on experience of other leagues who are trying to address loss of officials due increasing problems with abuse by coaches, parents/spectators. Have found that having refs wear the body cameras help reduce abuse of officials.

Meeting Adjourned 9:22.