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Google Apps for Education Information and Permission Form

The Glocester School District uses Google Apps for Education (GAFE) to support teaching and learning and to allow for creating and sharing of documents, file storage and connectivity for our staff and students. We have our own private online domain ( that GAFE will be run from.

What are some of the applications included in Google Apps?

What are the benefits of Google Apps?

While Google Apps for Education provides for greatly enhanced flexibility over traditional desktop software, it also allows students to work in a safe, protected environment in a private domain. While all documents are stored online in the cloud, no user outside our school can access them.

To allow students to access our GAFE, accounts will be created for all of the students in grades 2-5. This account will allow students to use Google Docs (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software, and more) and to share with teachers and other students when appropriate. The students will also have active email accounts that will allow them to communicate with teachers and fellow students that are in the domain only (email addresses that end with Teachers will be managing their classrooms through an app that will require each student have access to email.

Conduct: Students are responsible for good behavior just as they are in the classrooms. It is inappropriate and possibly illegal to use obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language. Communication with others should always be class-related. Students should notify the teacher of any situation that may be inappropriate or that makes them uncomfortable. Bullying will not be tolerated, and the privacy of others should be respected at all times.

Access Restriction: Access to and use of GAFE is considered a privilege accorded at the discretion of the Glocester School District (GSD). GSD maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of the account when there is reason to believe that violations have occurred. In such cases, the alleged violation will be referred to the Principal for further investigation and application of necessary consequences.

Security: GSD cannot and does not guarantee that the security and confidentiality of Google’s system will never be breached and that as a result personal identifiable information will be obtained or accessed by unauthorized persons. This is a situational risk that is common to anyone who uses the Internet. Although Google does have a powerful content filter in place along with the district’s filter, the district cannot assure that the users will not be exposed to non-educational material.

Privacy: GSD reserves the right to access, monitor and review content in the GAFE system at any time. GSD complies with all state and federal privacy laws.

Curriculum: Students who do not have permission for a GAFE will continue to use the GSD’s internal network. This will allow your student to have access to the internet, Office products, file storage and other applications. However, they will not be able to collaborate with teachers and classmates on projects or communicate with others inside the school for educational purposes. Alternate assignments will be available for your student and his/her grade will not be adversely affected by not having access to GAFE.

Partnership: As with any educational endeavor, we feel that a strong partnership with families is essential to a successful experience. Therefore, we are asking your permission to provide a Google Apps for Education account to your child. Please fill out and return the attached permission slip to Mrs. Adams (Technology Teacher.) If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Adams at

Glocester School District

Google Apps for Education Permission Form

Student Name:______________________________________________

Teacher Name:______________________________________________



______I give my child permission to be assigned a Google Apps for Education account.*

______I DO NOT give my child permission to be assigned a Google Apps for Education account.

Parent/Guardian________________________________________  Date: ________________


For use of my Google Apps for Education account, I agree to adhere to the Glocester School Department Acceptable Use Policy and the guidelines stated in the Google Apps for Education Information & Permission form.

Student Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________________________________________

*This form will stay in effect for the student’s academic career in the Glocester School District. Should the parent/guardian request a change please notify Mrs. Adams (technology teacher) in writing.