FP Soccer

March 2, 2016

Dear Parents and Students,

School sports are valuable opportunities for the students and something that we aspire to develop and support within the FP.  

We had a fantastic start to the year with our Fall Soccer Season.  Coming soon will be our Spring Season.  

When: our Spring Soccer will begin right after Spring Break. We will play during all of April and May.

따뜻한 봄과 함께 FP  친구들과 축구교실을 열고자 합니다. 기간은 4월부터 5월까지입니다.

Who: soccer will be available for Grades 1-4, perhaps Grade 5, too.  Among international schools in Korea, the common way of arranging teams in elementary school teams is to have

신청대상은 1학년부터 4학년까지이며, 5학년 학생들이 포함될 수도 있습니다. 대체적으로 한국에 있는 국제/외국인학교에서는 1학년/저학년(2,3학년)/고학년(4,5학년) 으로 팀을 구성합니다.

-grade 1s play together;  

-lower elementary (grades 2 and 3) play together; and

-upper elementary (grades 4 and 5) play together.  

Usually the teams are mixed: girls and boys.  Occasionally, students might play in a group higher than their grade level if there are not enough players in their grade.  

팀원은 여학생과 남학생 구분없이 이루어집니다. 자신이 속해야 하는 팀에 인원이 충분하지 않을경우 한 학년 높은 팀에 속할 수 도 있습니다.

What: Students will practice skills while learning the fundamentals of the game.  The focus is on fun, fitness, and sportsmanship.  Students will practice and scrimmage, each week.  If we have enough participants and enough interest, then we would like to eventually play in tournaments and ‘friendlies’ (fun/sportsmanship-focussed games) against other international school teams.

기본적으로 학생들에게 축구에서 요하는 스킬과 스포츠맨쉽을 익히도록 할 것이며, 충분한 인원과 요건이 충족될  경우 다른학교와의 시합도 예상하고 있습니다.


Tuesdays, from 4:15-5:15pm


Fridays, after school, from 3-4pm  

-students can choose to participate both days, or just one

-for all of April and May

축구교실은 4월과 5월 매주 화요일과  금요일이며,  시간은 각각 4:15-5:15,  3:00-4:00 입니다.  화, 금 중 하루만 선택하셔도 되고 두 날 모두 선택하셔도 됩니다.

Where: soccer field (during inclement weather, we will play in the gym(s))

Who: supervising and coaching the students will be Mr. Morris, Mr. Tronsgard, Mr. Hill and other coaches as needed.

How: sign up using the form, below.  After confirming your sign-up, you will be contacted regarding payment; parents will be asked to pay a fee of 80,000 for Tuesday, ₩80,000 for Friday, and ₩160,000 for both days (deposited into the school account with the note, “FP SOCCER”).  Please wait to be contacted regarded payment.  

신청방법:아래의 Spring Soccer Sign-up 클릭후 신청서를 작성해 주십시오. 신청비용은 화요일만 신청시 80,000 원, 금요일만 신청시 80,000원,  화요일과 금요일 모두 신청시 160,000 원입니다. 추후 신청자 학부모님께 비용지불에 대해 연락드리겠습니다.

(학교계좌로 비용 송금시 FP Soccer로  입금해  주십시오)


-students wishing to practice/play must have shin pads and long socks to hold them in place.  

-cleats, i.e. soccer shoes, are not needed.  If a student already owns them, they can be worn, but we do not recommend that families buy them.

-it is recommended to not wear regular eyeglasses; instead, sports goggles/eyewear should be worn.  At the very least, eyeglasses should be the very flexible type  

준비물: 학생들은 축구양말안에 정강이 보호대를 반드시 착용해야 합니다. 축구화는 필수는 아니며, 안경을 착용하는 학생들은 안전을 위해 스포츠 고글 착용을 추천합니다.

Spring Soccer Sign-up  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the MS Office.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Hill

Director of First Program

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