Here are the steps to follow to set up your math blog:

Step 1

Log in to Osseo Apps

Step 2

Click on ‘More’, click on ‘Blogger’

You may have to

log in again.

Step 3

Click on ‘Create a Limited Blogger Profile’

Step 4

Create your Blogger Display Name: 


(first name and last initial)

Then, click ‘Continue to Blogger’

Step 5

Click on ‘New Blog’

Step 6

Type in the

name of your blog:

Andrea W Math 6

(first name last initial math 6)

Type blog address:

(no spaces)


Then, click ‘Create blog!’

Step 7

Click on the orange pencil tool to start writing your first blog post.

Blogging Guidelines


Embedding a Show-Me Video in Your Blog

Log into your blog - have open in one tab

Log into

Click on New Post (in blog)

Add title (Subject video)

Click on body (post) and write a short description telling what the video will be about.

Click enter/enter twice

Switch to HTML in the box on top of the post.

Find your video and pause it.

Scroll down and find the button that says ‘Share’

Click the button that says ‘Embed’

Go back to blog.

Click to the bottom space (after HTML)

Use Command-V to paste the embed code.

Click back on Compose button.

Click Publish

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