Terms of Use

1. General

Solidtango is an Online Video Platform, also called OVP, for streaming video, live and on-demand, on the Internet. The OVP is available to legal persons and other organizations or groups who want to create their own, (the "Playchannel"). Each Playchannel offers different features. Some features, such as live and on-demand video (free or Pay-Per-View), uploading videos, commenting and chat, requires login.

Customers at Solidtango who uses the OVP for making content available in the form of video, audio, image and text are responsible for its own content (the "Publisher").

2. About Us

The platform is provided by Solidtango AB ("Solidtango” or "We" or "Us"), corporate number 556671-5586.

Solidtango AB is registered in Sweden with our main office at: Lumaparksvägen 9, 12031 Stockholm, Sweden.

3. Description of the Service

Solidtango provides an Online Video Platform (hereinafter "the Service") that gives anyone with a user account the ability to watch videos  via streaming (such as broadcasting, movies, concerts, lectures, education, etc.) for free or paid access. In addition, logged in users can interact with a video or live broadcast by uploading videos, chat and comments.

The service is offered or provided by Solidtango via Solidtango's or the publisher's embedded player or play channel. The channels and its content can be found under the Solidtango.com and SolidSport.com domains.

4. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

To access or contribute with content that requires login, you must first create a User Account. When logged in to your User Account, you can ("User" or "You") share live broadcasts and videos, free and via paid access, comment and chat, and in some cases also upload video.


Solidtango AB processes personal data in a way that complies with the Data Protection Ordinance and Law (2018: 218) with additional provisions to the EU Data Protection Ordinance, Swedish Constitution, 2018: 218.

Our privacy policy in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance can be found at the following link: https://solidtango.com/privacy_policy


By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that Solidtango may process your personal information under our Privacy Policy and if you no longer wish to allow Us to process your personal information, you must contact Solidtango and terminate your account.

5. Security regarding login credentials

You are responsible for ensuring that all information about you is correct. You are also responsible that no one else has access to your login credentials. Would someone illegally gain access to your login credentials, you must immediately notify Solidtango of this. Username and password must only be used by you and only on one device (eg, computer or smartphone) at a time. You automatically accept the Terms of Use when you're logged in with your User account. The Terms of Use applies equally whether you are logged in via Solidtango or any of Solidtango's customers and partners Playchannels, or just individual pages of videos and live broadcasts.

You must not allow another person to use your login information. If it's coming to Solidtango's knowledge that someone other than you use the service with your login credentials Solidtango may, without further notice, unregister the User account with immediate effect and suspend you from any use of the Service. Any refund of payment will not be made.

To be able to buy content in the form of live broadcasts and video via the User account you must be at least 18 years old. Solidtango reserves the right to disable a User account, if that User wrongfully claims to be 18 years old, in order to purchase content.

6. Technical requirements

Your ability to use the Service is dependent on that you meet certain requirements and that you have Internet access. To use the service you must have an internet connection and an active internet subscription via third party Internet Service Provider. These services are not included in the Service that Solidtango provides. Furthermore, your computer or other device used for the Service at least must meet the system requirements that are specified in these Terms of Use.

System requirements

- Operating system: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or newer Windows version, Apple Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Intel-based) or newer Mac OS X version

- 1.6 GHz or faster processor

- 1 GB RAM or more

Browser compatibility

Internet Explorer 7 or newer, Firefox 4 or newer, Chrome 18 or later, Safari 4 or later

Adobe Flash

version 10.2 or later

Internet connection

Minimum of 3 Mbps (please test your connection at: http://www.bredbandskollen.se)

Users are responsible for making sure that firewalls, hardware and other equipment, that is not provided by Solidtango, is configured for using the Service. Solidtango's customer service does not help with troubleshooting or similar actions relating to such equipment, but refers to third party providers responsible for the User's internet service or technical equipment.

Solidtango reserves the right to alter the technical conditions from time to time.

7. Price

To create a User account is free of charge. Users can choose to either purchase the service at a single time or to subscribe to the Service. Prices for the purchase of the Service is shown in connection with each object, that can can be accessed on Solidtango's or Responsible Publisher’s Playchannel. All prices are in Swedish kronor (SEK), and inluding VAT.

8. Payment

Payment for the purchase of the Service is made through the payment intermediary that Solidtango uses at the specific time of purchase. The User can pay with the listed payment methods on Solidtango's or Responsible Publisher’s Playchannel or in connection with the purchase of the Service. Which different payment methods that is available are subject to change by Solidtango from time to time. Users should note that any fees and additional conditions may apply to the use of the different payment methods. Information about the contents of such terms is not provided by Solidtango. On the User's bank or invoice statements, the purchase will be shown as “Solidtango AB”.

If the Service is used on a subscription basis, the Service is paid for in advance by an agreed upon method of payment. If payment is not received on time, Solidtango has the right to charge interest on overdue amounts in the agreement, a late payment fee and, and where applicable, even a statutory collection fee. If you do not have sufficient funds on the payment date, Solidtango has the right to terminate or restrict your access to the Service. Furthermore Solidtango has the right to completely terminate your subscription, with immediate effect in cases where the payment is overdue by more than ten (10) days.

Besides payment for the Service, it may also include a fee from the User's Internet service provider. This is handled between the User and their Internet Service Provider, not included in these Terms of Use.

9. Use of the Service

Materials that the User may access through the Service is protected by Swedish and international copyright laws. User may use the Service only for personal use and may not dispose of the materials that the User may access through the Service in violation of copyright laws, other applicable laws, or in violation of these Terms of Use. This means that the User must not distribute or copy the materials, and not make the material available to the public or use the material for commercial purposes like making profit off of Publisher’s content. No right to, or ownership of the material in the Service or any of its contents is in any way given to or transferred to the User.

User's actions in violation of this Agreement is always considered a fundamental breach of contract and entitles Solidtango to immediately terminate this Agreement and disable the User from use of the Service without any refund of any payment. Such actions can also lead to liability for damages by the User.

Should Solidtango suspect the User, to be guilty of an offense through the use of the Service, a police report will be filed.

10. Uploading Video

Users who upload a video to a Playchannel is personally responsible for the video. The User is also aware that the video can be displayed on any page other than the Playchannel it was uploaded to. It is not allowed to upload a video without the copyright holder's consent.

Video with obscene, defamatory, racist, discriminating, unethical, or otherwise illegal content will be deleted immediately by Solidtango or the Publisher.

Solidtango and the Publisher has the right to use the uploaded video in promotional purposes without any compensation to the User who uploaded the video. Solidtango and the Publisher has the right to process and customize uploaded video. Furthermore Solidtango has the right to sub-license the rights to the User’s uploaded video to their partners. Users who upload a video waive all claims for reimbursement from Solidtango or its partners for the use of uploaded video. Users who upload a video takes full responsibility to keep Solidtango completely free of responsilbility against any damage claimes in the case of any third party demanding compensation due to uploaded videos. Solidtango gives no compensation for loss of uploaded video.

Solidtango and the Publisher has the right to delete uploaded video without any notice to the User who uploaded the video.

11. Comments and Chat

Users who writes comments or chats are personally responsible for what they writes. The User is also aware that what is written may appear on any page other than the page that the User commented or chatted on.

It is not allowed to express humiliating comments about someone in reference to his or her race, color, ethnic or national origin, sex, religion or sexual preference, emit racist, xenophobic and sexist comments and messages, emit commercial messages or marketing, providing offers of money and gifts, emit copyrighted material which the User has not created or has rights to, encourage crime or other conduct contrary to Swedish law, to threaten and harass or to pretend to be someone other than the existing person.

Solidango and the Publisher reserves the right to remove posts that are considered to be inappropriate. In case of repeated infringements by the same User, Solidtango has the right to terminate the User’s account with immediate effect, without any notice to the User.

12. Safety regarding the Service

The User may not attempt to circumvent Solidtango's security system, or try to test security of the Service. The User may not use the Service in a manner that could damage, make it inoperative, over, or impair or even interfere with other Users use of the Service. This includes sending or submitting any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to harm, interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of computer software or hardware or equipment that is directly or indirectly linked to the Service. The User must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any computer system, network, content or information that the Service is based on.

Violations of these security terms must always be regarded as a serious breach of these Terms of Use, giving Solidtango right to immediately suspend the Service User or make the service unavailable to the User, or otherwise prevent the continued illegal procedure, in some cases filing a police report.

13. Refunds

These Terms of Use are covered by the Swedish Distance Contract. This includes: the User has the right to cancel the purchase of the Service within fourteen (14) days to the agreement of the Service. In order to be entitled to make use of the right of cancellation, the User has to contact Solidtango within the grace period of 14 days, via email. The right of withdrawal is limited. When the User starts a video or live streaming, the purchased content, the User agrees that Solidtango starts the use of the Service. This means that the User has no right to withdraw the purchase from the time when the User activates the Service and take part of the Publisher’s content.

14. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability claims

The Service may be subject to disruptions, which could mean that the User can not access the complete live broadcast and video or purchased content. Disruptions with up to five (5) minutes during the same transmission can occur without the right to compensation for the User. Solidtango is not responsible for any errors or delays in the delivery of the Service, which means that the User in a period of a total of five (5) minutes during the broadcast has not had access to purchased content.

Except for disruptions as described above, Solidtango’s responsibility is further limited to only include errors and delayed delivery of the Service due to faults in Solidtango’s infrastructure. Solidtango is not responsible for errors and delays resulting from the Publisher, or errors in the User’s equipment (such as not meeting the technical conditions under paragraph #6) or other equipment that is not owned by Solidtango. Solidtango is not responsible for errors and delay due to a power failure, failure and delay of the ISP services, such as the provision of a working internet connection or other errors and delays due to circumstances beyond Solidtango’s control.

Solidtango gives no warranties regarding the content, information, services or otherwise provided on or through Responsible Publishers Playchannel. Except as provided in this paragraph #14, Solidtango gives no guarantees concerning the operation, availability, quality, usefulness, or safety from the Publisher.

Solidtango is not responsible for any indirect loss or damage unless Solidtango acted with great negligence or intentionally. These disclaimers and liability limitations apply to the extent otherwise provided by mandatory law.

15. Links

Solidtango and Responsible Publisher’s Playchannel may contain links to other websites which are not controlled by Solidtango. Solidtango takes no responsibility for the content or functionality of such other sites.

16. Social Media

The Service allows you to make your profile available to the public, share links with other Users of the Service and integrate your activities with services with functionality provided by a third-party social networking service, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter ("Social Media"). If you choose to use this feature (the "Plugin") it may be possible for the public and other Users to view your User Account on Solidtango. Note that the data processing is done, via eg Facebook and Twitter, outside the European Union. We can not influence the amount of personal information collected through the use of the Plugin. You agree that Solidtango is not responsible for the content when it is shared through Social Media. If you use Social Media in connection with the Service, you agree that you will not use it in any way that we, in our sole discretion, deems unacceptable, including (without limitation) to; insult, harass, bully, imitate or send spam to other Users; publish or create any obscene material, harassing, slandering, pornographic or obscene; use it for any illegal, immoral or harmful purposes; or infringe third party intellectual property rights.

17. Complaints and Compensation

In case of failure or delay in Solidtango's liability under paragraph #14 above, We compensate the Publisher’s User with a voucher code (the "Voucher"). The Voucher can be used to buy other similar content (such as another video). User's right to compensation requires that the User leaves a complaint by email within two (2) months from the time the error occurred. The complaint must specify the video/live streaming (game, concert, etc.) that the complaint refers to, the date and time of the error/delay and a detailed description of the error/delay. The User must also attach their purchase receipt for the purchased game, concert, etc, or otherwise in writing signify their purchase to the customer service.

18. Term and termination

The agreement is valid without fixation period and may at any time be terminated by the User. Upon termination, the User's account is terminated immediately. Any outstanding vouchers and subscription expires at that time.

Termination of the Agreement by the User is made through a written notice through an email to Solidtango’s customer service. Solidtango may, in addition to what is stated in Section 5, terminate the Agreement with immediate effect if Solidtango decides to close the Service in whole or partly, or decides to significantly change the Service and/or content, or have another good reason to terminate the Agreement. Termination of the Agreement from Solidtango’s part can be made ​​via email or information on Solidtango's or Responsible Publisher Playchannel. If Solidtango terminates the Agreement, Solidtango shall, where it’s appropriate, refund the User's payments, compensating for the still due subriction period.

19. Privacy

Solidtango is responsible for personal data and manages the Personal Data of the User according to the new Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) and other applicable legislation. The user's personal information is used to enable Solidtango to fulfill its contractual obligations to the User. The personal data that Solidtango will process is the User's name, address, and account information. When using the service, we also store the IP address you log in to the service from and from which IP address you made your payment. Solidtango will continue to use the User's email address to manage newsletters and other information.

The user is able to get information about Solidtango's processing of the User’s data without charge once a calendar year. Such request can be sent to the following address. Solidtango's privacy policy explains how Solidtango processes personal data and describes the User's rights. The privacy policy is available here https://solidtango.com/privacy_policy

Contact information for personal data processing:

Solidtango AB

Lumaparksvägen 9



via email info@solidtango.com

20. Internet security

The Service, like any other online platforms, is potentially vulnerable to various security risks. Solidtango continually strives to reduce such risks, but with the use of the Service, there is always a risk why Solidtango can not guarantee that the User will never be the subject of password theft, electronic trespassing, tampering, hacking, premature dissemination of information and/or corruption of content that the User uploads, manages, publishes or distributes through the Service.

21. Amendments to the Terms of Use

Solidtango reserves the right to, at any time, change the Terms of Use, the Service or its contents. Notice of such modification that is essential will be published via email or on Solidtango's and Responsible Publisher’s Playchannel, so the User is recommended to regularly visit Solidtango's or Responsible Publisher’s Playchannel. If the User does not accept the announced changes which are disadvantageous to the User, the User has the right to cancel and terminate the Agreement with immidiate effect from the time the amendment enters into force. The User has, upon the termination of the Agreement under this paragraph, the right to regards of subscriptions or other pre-payment for the Service, to recover the portion of the amount paid corresponding to the period left after termination. If the User has not, within thirty (30) days from the amendment notified Solidtango, objects to the amendment under this paragraph, or if the User continues to use Solidtango after the change has occurred, that means that the User accepts the amendment of the Terms of Use, the Service and/or content.

22. Assignment of the Agreement

Solidtango have the right to assign its rights and obligations under the Terms of Use to another party. The User is not entitled to assign its rights and obligations under these Terms of Use to another party.

23. Support

The User is welcome to contact Solidtango's Customer Service for further information or if in need of support. Contact information for Solidtango's customer service available in paragraph 24.

24. Contact

Postal Address: Lumaparksvägen 7, 12031 Stockholm, Sweden

Office Address: Lumaparksvägen 9, 12031 Stockholm, Sweden

E-mail: support@solidtango.com

25. Applicable law and disputes

Swedish substantive law shall apply to this Agreement.

In the event of any dispute between Solidtango and the User, the parties shall seek to resolve the dispute by mutual agreement. If the parties can not agree, the dispute may be settled by the Swedish Consumer Complaints Board, provided the Board has jurisdiction to hear the matter and the dispute is suitable for the Board’s review. Parties also have the right to bring proceedings in ordinary courts in the event that the dispute can not be resolved by mutual agreement.

26. Entire Agreement

These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement of all matters relating Solidtango's and the User’s interactions. All written or verbal agreements and pledges prior to these Terms of Use are superseded by this content.