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Global Ed Day Collaborative Notes:

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Global Ed Day planning document: (Ignite talk slides will be available here)

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2:00 - 2:15 Opening Remarks by Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon

2:15 - 2:30 First three ignite talks on the sign up sheet

2:30 - 3:15 PM Roundtable Discussion - Round 1

3:15 - 3:30 PM Next three ignite talks

3:30 - 4:00 PM Roundtable Discussion - Round 2

4:00 - 4:30 PM Global Resources/Tools Duel

4:30 - 5:00 PM Last set of ignite talks

Haiku Deck- pulls in copyright free images, and adds the CC link on the bottom of the slide, this is web based & an app (super easy to use, esp. w/students)


Global story telling - a great idea for global collaboration. Oral

Teachunicef has resources

free online portfolio topics/resources

  • clean water
  • peace education
  • child labour
  • poverty

Global citizen

  • understands global connectedness
  • respects and values diversity,
  • has the ability to challenge injustice and inequity
  • takes action in a personally meaningful way

Unicef Tap Project—Global Water Campaign

TeachUNICEF free online resources (

The global classroom project

Not relying on printed text to tell the stories that the people there can do more accurately.

  • 20 projects existed in 2013
  • empowering people and building community

Kid speak voice thread - deb frazier

#globalclassroom : monthly Twitter chats

Louise on twitter @frugalteacher

Mystery location - where people connect to others different in space

Travelling Scrapbooks

Notes from MOOCs group with Vicki Davis:

  • massively online open courses (MOOCs)
  • Tina Selik: Stanford University 10,00 in the course 5,000 participated
  • big deal in higher ed
  • has there ever been a student run MOOC?  Gamifiy...something something: (i think) Thank you!
  • Vicki’s 9th graders worked with students at U Alaska
  • what would make an effective game?
  • Higher ed created the rubric, but kids created the website
  • Verina Roberts, got some of the best peeps in ed to video tape what is happening in their classrooms
  • out of 70 games, only 3 scored higher than 20?
  • We were looking for games that taught something: Cockroaches vs. Algebra was one of the best
  • DragonBox math
  • What would a MOOC that was run by higher ed and K-12 students look like?
  • Two week MOOC, goal to create an intergenerational MOOC
  • Here’s a resource listing higher ed MOOCs from Alec Couros and here is a link to his MOOC grad class
  • game to help kids with
  • Vicki’s books:

PBL -  nichole lynne wilson


- storytelling is very Key in the current as a way of communicating

fairytales archetype

  • young protagonist
  • in dark place challenged

Developed a personal branding project

  • writing a food memoir
  • video a meal that they liked and created
  • in

Bridging cultural differences with Anne Mirtschin


Peggy George @pgeorge ranker25

Toni Olivieri-Barton @toniobarton german85

Sue Wyatt @tasteach  tuscan74

Elizabeth L. Schultz @ThinkSchultz  kiosk17  steady62

Anne Mirtschin, @murcha anne.mirtschin  cord14

What does it look like?

language differences

you cannot tell by looks

colloquial customs - dressed in way that indicates that I am not in local culture, food

slang, talk differences - english is more than 2nd language. Need to celebrate differences (different acronyms in Twitter, social media)

the appearance of the person - facial, colour of skin ???

different customs, games they play

Dress is becoming less and less - spaghetti straps eg but still considerations, headdress

gestures, ways we greet each other, religion

it is okay to still be educated

many students are biracial and are part of many cultures, 3rd culture generation

People slip in and out of their culture: day to day jobs then go to temples adapt the two cultures

What does it sound like?

language differences

accents of different languages

spit a lot in China

traffic sounds

some have at home language, school language and her friend language

What does it feel like?


want to be part of another group or culture

What does it smell like?

Why bridge cultural differences

race thing may not be an issue in the future as they become more multi racial

it helps people understand each other and supports peace in the world

How can we bridge cultural differences?

celebrate different cultural days - listening to other cultural differences

expose them to other cultures


virtual exchange projects

provide experiences that expose students to different cultures including skype, google hangouts where they can talk with each other

collaborate in different ways, doing projects, discussing matters, sharing ideas

global memes

Other challenges to global projects

time zones


technology access


Lisa Parisi: NY, USA - @lparisi

Skype in the classroom

happiness video get videos

Need to be able to stick it out once you find some one to collaborate with.

Stick it out.

Muraly- rethinking faculty meetings, visual thinking, concept mapping tools, collaborative, templates, stickers

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Cool Tools Duel

Youblisher example


Dancing Around the World video

Next Vista for Learning


Global Education Group in Diigo