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Login2 SLU Updating Contact Information

How to set up your contact information for the first time in Login2 SLU




Saint Louis University is implementing multi-factor authentication to provide additional protection for your SLU account.

This enhanced login process combines the traditional SLU Net ID and password with another verification method. The second method of verification can be done with a text or call to a telephone, or you may use an app on your mobile device or computer.

This multi-factor authentication process is similar to what many banks and other online services are now using to protect their customers.


  • SLU Net ID and personalized SLU Net Password
  • If your password is still set to the default (Idxxxxxx) you must change your password at password.slu.edu before logging into the multi-factor site (Login2.slu.edu)
  • Internet Connection
  • Phone able to receive calls or texts for second verification

Steps To Set Up Contact Information:

  • Go to login2.slu.edu
  • Click Edit Contact Information
  • Log-in with your SLU Net ID and SLU Net Password, F1
  • Your SLU Net ID is everything before @slu.edu in your email address
  • Click Submit
  • Type your date of birth: mm/dd/yyyy as the initial pin, F2
  • For example, if your birthday is Jan. 5 1818, enter 01/05/1818
  • Make sure to include the / between the numbers
  • Type in your phone numbers, F3
  • Please include area code and number
  • Provide at least two different numbers, including
  • SLU desk phone or
  • Mobile phone
  • Click Update
  • Click Restart Login
  • Once your contact information is updated, a confirmation email will be sent to your SLU email address

F1: Login2.slu.edu Secure Login Screen

F2: Initial PIN is set to your date of birth

F3: Updating phone numbers

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