My migration story

It all started when I got born, of course. I got born in 2005 in a Danish hospital called  Rigshospitalet.

My mom and dad took me home after some time at the hospital.

 We lived in an area called Norrebro, until I was about

 6 or 7 weeks old, then we moved to the U.S to live with my dad.

My mom and I lived with my dad, for about 9 months. When I was 10 or 11 months old, we moved back to Denmark.

We lived in Denmark for some months. Then we had to move to Ghana, because of my mom’s work. My dad is from Ghana, so he knows pretty much everything there.

Well anyway. We moved to Ghana when I was about 13 months old, we lived in a big house, with 2 floors. I didn't have any room, because I slept in my mom and dad’s room. I went to a kindergarten called little explorers. where I got a lot of friends.

we lived in Ghana for 4 years. When I was 4 and a half, we moved back to Denmark again.

We came to Denmark  in 2010. When we had settled in, my mom began to work and I began kindergarten again.

I went to kindergarten for a year, and then I began school. I went to a school called Nyelandsvej skole. I started in something called the S.F.O.

I went to the S.F.O for 3 months, then the summer holiday began. After the summer holiday I began grade 0. because in Denmark you don’t start with grade one, you start with grade 0.

Well anyway. I started in grade 0, and made a lot of friends.

After grade 0 the summer holiday began again. In 2012 I began grade 1. I still had my classmates from grade 0 because in Denmark you don’t mix the classes around, so I still had them throughout grade 1.

well then I started grade 2. that was a very special year for me because I got my best friend there. my best friend’s name is Selma. That year Selma and I became very, very, very good friends, we had play dates almost every day. and that continued until I moved to Tanzania, but we are not at that part wet! so I’ll continue.

then I went to grade 3. Finally I was one of the bigger kids! Grade 3 was also very good. my best friend was still Selma and my other friends were there to.

At the end of grade 3, I had to move to Tanzania because  of my mom’s work again.

I was quite sad because, then I couldn’t play with Selma and all my other friends in Denmark.

But on the other side I was happy, because I was going to     a whole new country. And because I was sure, I was going to make some new friends.

And I did!

Now I live in Dar in Tanzania, and it is so nice! and it is very warm, compared to Denmark!

By Hanna