Begin by briefly exploring all of the inventions created during the Industrial Revolution using this timeline. Then take a few notes on each of the inventions. You will later decide which inventions you would like to research further so really examine these thoughtfully!



The Telegraph

The Spinning Jenny


Cotton Gin

Food Canning

Steam Engine

Sewing Machine



Model T

Light Bulb

Interchangable Parts

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The invention/group that Mrs. Tyler told me I am in is: _________________________

Before you can get into your group and create your Shark Tank proposal, you must complete the research guided questions document found here.

Get with your group members and prepare to meet with the Shark Tank! You will be pitching your invention as if you need more funding from the Shark Tank to continue selling the product. (Just pretend like you are friends with the actual inventor). You will make a presentation (Google Slides/Prezi/Video/whatever) convincing the Shark Tank why     your product is worth investing in.

Watch this pitch from Shark Tank with your group and record some of the things you will need in your own presentation. Pause the video and discuss how you can make your pitch like theirs.






One group member open this document, make a copy, and share it with everyone in your group. This will be your proposal outline that you must fill in before you begin your presentation. Get this checked with Mrs. Tyler before you begin making anything!

Now it’s time to make your presentation!

 What will you be using? (Hint: You can use multiple!)        

 Image result for wevideo

When watching presentations…

 Fill out this Google Form for each group presenting to give them feedback. You will receive your feedback after the presentation is done. If you are not respectful during presentations points will be taken off of yours.