1. Welcome
  2. Call To Order – Roll Call (Votes based on fully compliant members)
  1. Roll Call
  2. (On WebEx)
  1.  Allegheny- Corey Syler (WebEx)\
  2. Wisconsin- Todd Prochniak (WebEx)
  1. (In room)
  1. CARFU - Danny Matuse
  2. Illinois- Shawn Mckinney
  3. Indiana- Matthew Doss
  4. Iowa- 
  5. Michigan- 
  6. Minnesota- Becky Reynolds
  7. Ohio- Al Lucas
  8. Any clubs represented individually:
  1. Macomb Misfits - Josh Bojes (former President)

  1. Board\Principals
  2. President - Jeremiah Johnson
  3. VP Comp - Adrian Gannon
  4. VP Collegiate & Youth - Tom Rooney
  5. Competition Chair - Gary Lobaugh
  6. Treasurer - Tim Harn
  7. Secretary - Stefan Palches
  8. Disciplinary Chair - Jim Harings
  9. Referee Society - Al Klemp/Dave Carter
  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes from February 13, 2016
  1. Need to adjust name of Secretary to Aaron Soleline

Matthew Doss moved to approve the minutes

Seconded by Minnesota

Unanimous voice vote for approval

  1. Approval of Agenda

Becky motions for approval

Dawn McKenzie seconds

Unanimous voice vote for approval

  1. Officer Reports:
  1. President
  1. Congress Report  
  1. Community Congress Report  
  2. Performance Case  
  3. HP Overview  
  4. RIM  
  1. Any profit coming in, is NOT going to Board of Directors. Directors do not have any financial vested interest
  2. RFU is not running RIM
  3. USA Rugby owns 90%, sell 10%
  1. USA Rugby Budget  
  1. Midwest Report

Impressed with representation of Midwest clubs presence.

Financially, Midwest is still strong. Not hording money but a good rainy day fund.

JJ feels there a some tweeks to make to competitions and other areas however feels like Midwest is in a good spot.

JJ has noticed that in Iowa, historical clubs are starting to lose members at the Senior level.

At Youth level, teams are successful by good players and they are leaving to go elsewhere, hurting the local club and play.

Social rugby is making a comeback - D4 is beneficial for the clubs that don’t want to play competitively but socially.

JJ feels that the D4 Championship needs more attention and plans to revisit it.

  1. VP of Competition
  1. National D1 Women - Life U vs Seattle Sarries
  1. Seattle is a well financed club, play in the BC league, played in US Champ on waivers.
  2. North Shore lost out but showed promise
  3. National D2 Men - Detroit vs Tempe
  4. National D2 Women -  Wisconsin vs Life West

  1. National Competitions Landscape  
  1. New Orleans has drawn out of the Red River D1.
  1. Elected to be “independent”
  1. Midwest Competitions
  1. Will have a D1 Women Championship
  2. D2 will be a one off championship game
  1. National Competitions Committee
  1. Development Committee
  1. Club has to be certified to be at a level
  1. Governance Committee
  1. Development with the TU, GU level


  1. VP of Collegiate & Youth
  1. No report sent
  1. Treasurer
  1. Report submitted by Tim
  1. ~$3,500 to the Blaze for 7s Championship, for field usage and trainers
  1. Review for individual player insurance. Do we need it?
  1. If $10/person for insurance is eliminated, CIPP is lower
  1. Secretary
  2. Youth Chairman
  3. Committee & Sub-Committees
  1. Competitions Committee
  1. People not understanding the rules and guidelines of competitions. National and Midwest level to have an user agreement that says “you “ understand the rules and guidelines for on field play and guidelines. (Gary)
  2. (Adrian) - Club Admin(s) - sign off for the Club on the User Agreements.
  1. 3 persons to sign off otherwise the Club is not able to participate
  2. Cost to appeal increase
  1. Club - $1500
  2. Individual - $500
  1. Disciplinary Committee
  2. Collegiate Committee
  3. Referee Society
  1. Youth (Bob)
  1. Girls MW - Elkhart
  2. Boys MW - following weekend of Girls
  3. June - All Star comp (no date)
  4. Positive feedback
  5. St. Joseph out of Cleveland brought back national trophy
  6. Select Sides played well in the tournaments they entered
  7. Club teams are phasing out as single school teams are rising
  8. U19 girls plan to go down to Florida to play in early 2017
  1. ~45 girls at camp
  2. Would like MW to support the girls
  1. Bob is now a blogger on midwestyouthrugby.com
  2. Office cost is 0 due to no collection of dues and corporate and individual sponsorships
  3. No known major issues with coaches or parents during games.

Club Acknowledgement of USAR and MCR Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

Old Business:

Midwest By-Laws Revision (Matthew Doss)

-Has done absolutely nothing with it since last meeting. Only thing was to put it in the Old Business

-Wants any possible revisions to be sent to him in writing.

-Suggestions by October 15th, 2016 for it to be ready by the 2017 Winter AGM.

New Business:

Midwest Thunderbirds Program (Becky Reynolds)

- Wants to discuss where the program should go.

- Back more under the MW wing

- Jeff Noe was appointed as head coach

- Need to have a full set of expectations and be brought back under the MW wing

Recognition of New Clubs

Macomb Misfits RFC in D4 South Division

Lexington Women (McKenzie)

Rockford Women (McKenzie)

Illiana Women (McKenzie)

New Buffalo Women (McKenzie)

Motion to vote on allowance of the Lexington, Rockford, Illiana, New Buffalo into Midwest

        Yes - Unanimous voice vote

D4 Commissioner appointment (McKinney)

        Lou Raymond is the commissioner of the North.


2017 Winter AGM

Motion to adjourn the meeting (Becky)

Seconded by (Mckenzie)

Meeting adjourn.

Dave Carter - Playoff expense for Spring 2016

Dave Carter - MW RRS duties for playoffs 2017 (issues with Women D2 and Men D4 with MW providing referees)