Tutorial Plan

Please use this document to create your own set of steps for planning your tutorial.


Start Filming

Filming must be complete,

 editing in class

Final Due Date (end of class)

6A (our “to do” list)

Mar 21

Apr 15

22 April


Mar 25

Apr 16

25 April

6C (our “to do” list)

Mar 20

Apr 17

24 April


Find Someone to record my shots.

The person can be the person who’s good at recording or my brother.

March 22


Find a place to record.

I want to chose YCAC or the turf in the school or the park close to my park.

March 25


Plan when to go or where to go with the person I found to record my shots.

I want to make sure the person whose recording my shots know when to go or where to go because it gets confusing when we don’t plan.

March 28


Tell what to record to the person whos going to record my shots.

I want to tell what to record to the person who’s recording my shots so that they know exactly what to record.

April 1

5 (I want to practice before recording.)

Practice my shots

I’ll do this so that I’ll be able to do the best curveball when It’s time to record.

April 1


Put in the videos inside my computer.

I want to put in all of the videos that I took by connecting my iphone into the computer.

April 2


Chose the shots I want to use in the tutorial.  

I want to choose a video that shows good example in for the clip. For example when I want to show where to kick the ball, I want to show shoe.

April 5


Make script

I should make a script so that I can talk smoothly when I record my voice.

April 7


Add voice

I’ll try to add voice in my tutorial so that I don’t have to talk while I’m shooting the soccer ball.

April 8


Put in musics and titles

I want to put music on the part where I don’t talk or when I show the finish product (my shooting). I want to use the title to show what I’m going to talk about or showing what I’m going to do in the next clip.

April 8


Final touch

The last time to finish recording.

April 11


Upload on youtube

Use my school account to put in my tutorial on youtube.

April 12


See what it looks like on youtube

I want to watch the video to see if I made some mistakes. If I made mistakes I would go back and fix it.