Some Fun, Crazy, and Serious

April Pet Holidays

Holidays are a blast. There’s just something about celebrating the special days with family, friends, and of course, our pets. At Deceased Pet Care, we think every aspect of our pet’s lives are important: from health and safety, to emotional well-being and training tips. But did you know April is host to over 28 pet related holidays!? That’s almost one per day! We don’t want to just list them for you, so instead, we thought we’d highlight just a few: the fun, the crazy, and the serious, in our latest blog post from Deceased Pet Care.


The Fun

National Siamese Cat Day - April 6th

Originally created by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, National Siamese Cat Day was formed to bring attention to at risk shelter pets. However it has transformed over time to pay special homage to the cat who call Thailand home. Siamese cats are generally regarded as sleek, regal, and hyper intelligent. They’re also some of the most loyal. So thanks Thailand… or should we say Kob Kun Ka!

National Hug Your Dog Day - April 10th

There are very few people who don’t love a hug. And if you’re not a people-hugger-person, you’d probably be will to stomach a hug from your favorite pooch. Both Dogs and Hugs are known to increase the production of serotonin (the happy chemical) in our bodies… so hugging a dog -- that’s like double happy time right? Just make sure your dog is comfortable with tight contact, and don’t squeeze too hard around the face or neck as it could cause discomfort and panic. I say we celebrate this holiday everyday.

The Serious

National Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month - April 1st to 30th.

Sure, we know this isn’t really a holiday, more than a holimonth, but we think it’s something worth mentioning. While the statistics for all types of animal cruelty can be staggering, it’s reported that almost 13% of dogs in America can fall victim to abuse. A number that high can make you feel helpless, but there is something you can do: volunteer at a local shelter, take the ASPCA pledge, or even just participate in Hug Your Dog Day a bit more. Even by speaking out against pet cruelty, you can make an impact in a pet’s life today.

The Crazy

International Pooper Scooper Week - April 1st to 7th

You read that right, this holiday is a week long, and it’s international. That means the whole world joins hands to celebrate the invention of a life saver for the clean-cat-box-aficionado. But more importantly International Pooper Scooper Week draws attention to the negative affect our pooches poop can have on the environment if we’re not careful. Be kind and pick up your pet’s waste in parks, walkways, and even your front yard. Your neighborhood will be just a bit less smelly, and I can’t think of someone who wouldn’t thank you for it.

National Hairball Awareness Day - April 26th

Call it a hairball, or a trichobezoar, or just call it gross -- but April 26th is National Hairball Awareness Day. And it’s not just for cats! Everything from cats, rabbits, and llamas suffer from hairballs. While it’s not always an object of concern, hairballs can be a reflection of your cat’s inner health. It could also be a sign you just need to brush your cat more. Either way, if your frisky feline is expelling more than a few hairballs a year, you should monitor their diet, and contact your local veterinarian.

        So while we couldn’t cover all 29, we just had to share a few of our favorites. I mean, hairballs and pooper scoopers in the same month? We for one are glad it’s not an april fool’s joke. At Deceased Pet Care, no pet-related topic is off issue. We care about our pets and what them to live their best life possible -- even if that means a standing up to cruelty, or just handing out an extra hug.